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A 5-Star Review for Skinn Cosmetics’ Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette!

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Celebrity Makeup Artist and creator of Skinn Cosmetics’, Dimitri James has created the new Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette. The palette contains six perfectly neutral shades that will “go” anywhere with you which will give you the means to mix and create your own special color, or just wear one. With this palette, your lips will always be able to make a statement with the softly fabulous sought after nearly nude look! By the way, two lip brushes are also included within the palette..

Dimitri James ~ Creator of Skinn Cosmetics and Skinn Cosmetics' Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette

Dimitri James ~ Creator of Skinn Cosmetics and Skinn Cosmetics’ Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette

SkinnCosmetics' Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette

Skinn Cosmetics’ Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette

Once again, Dimitri James has succeeded in developing just the right colors, texture, and versatility that makes his Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette compatible with any skin tone, and complimentary to any outfit you are wearing.

I’ve always liked to wear “nude type” lip colors, and have spent a lot of money over the years only to find that the colors would always be either too beige and washed me out, or too pale and would not flatter my complexion.

Skinn’s Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette is different and absolutely modern! These lipsticks are “anti-aging” and have “collagen-boosting peptides” ! That helps you maintain fuller and plumper lips while providing you a more youthful “fresh” appearance whatever your age.

I had a very simple makeup look on the other day, and when I mixed and applied a couple of the colors from my Hollywood Nearly Nude Palette, I was happy to see how it truly did pull my whole look together!

With a price point of $22.50 for six colors, two brushes, top technology, unlimited color creativity, and beautiful “take-along” packaging, Skinn’s Hollywood Nearly Nude Lip Palette gets 5-Stars, and a recommendation for you to go to :
Here you’ll be able to order your palette, and peruse all of the great products that Skinn has to offer!

Dimitri James ~ Creator of Skinn Cosmetics ~

Dimitri James ~ Creator of Skinn Cosmetics

Congratulations Dimitri on another great product from Skinn Cosmetics !!

A Quote About Skinn Cosmetics:
“Skinn Cosmetics is a line of premium skincare and color cosmetic formulas developed by professional make-up artist Dimitri James.  Skinn formulates and manufactures all of its own products, using highly active, concentrated natural ingredients and avoiding excess water, fillers or packaging. From concept to compact, from brainstorm to bottle, every product worthy of the Skinn name comes to life under one roof, and under James’ watchful eye. Skinn Cosmetics can be purchased at and on ShopHQ.

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided Fact-Sheet. All personal commentary was my own opinion from personal use of the product that was provided to me from the company.)

Mally’s Pro-Tricks Correct and Conceal Palette and Eye Palette are two “must haves” that will have you doing your makeup like a “PRO”!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

As a professional makeup artist, I have a number of Mally’s “Bullet Proof” products in my professional makeup case, and in this article I’m going to introduce you to two new products from Mally’s Pro-Tricks Collection that I’m crazy about, and know you’ll feel like a “Pro” when you start using these products yourself!

The two Mally products I’m going to share with you are:
Mally Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette &
• Mally Pro-Tricks Eye Palette

You’ll be able to multi-task with the Pro-Tricks products and get an exceptional variety of looks! We’ll take a look at the Correcting Palette first, and then the Eye Palette!

Let’s begin:

Mally  Pro-Tricks         Correcting Palette

Correcting Palette

This is a great correcting and concealing palette! There are two palette shades available. Either Lighter or Deeper! There are three colors in each palette ! A light tone, a medium tone and a deeper tone. You’ll be able to see the colors in both palettes when you go to the website link that I’ll provide later in the article, and should have no problem determining which set will be appropriate for your complexion shade.

Quoting Mally, here’s her “Secret-How to” for using the multi purpose Correct and Conceal Palette:
“To highlight and contour your fave features, use a sponge, a brush, or your fingers to apply the lightest shade everywhere you want to make something stand out— whether it’s your cheekbones, the center of your nose, on either sides of your nose, on your brow bones, on either side of your mouth, or in the center of your chin.Use the middle shade for your concealer underneath your eyes and on any blemishes. Finish by applying your foundation on top as you normally would, taking care to blend any remaining lines.”

With the new Pro Tricks Correct and Conceal Palette you have everything you need to do the contouring Mally calls “war paint to highlight and contour as you battle against shadows, unevenness, redness, and any other fierce enemies.”

It’s that simple….

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! This is makeup and you can always remove it and reapply! It’s a process that you pick up very quickly, especially with a great palette like Mally’s! You have three tones to work with, and by experimenting with blending the shades, in no time, you’ll be hiding the dark shadows under your eyes, contouring & lifting your cheek bones, and sculpting your face just like a “PRO”. Keep in mind that a soft touch when applying the correct/conceal creams, and seamless blending will bring you the best results!

Mally’s Pro-Tricks Eye Palette is next!

Mally  Pro-Tricks Eye Palette

Eye Palette

This is a unique palette of colors to create your look for every mood, occasion, or new change in fashion trends!! From a natural, high fashion or trendy look, this handy Pro-Trick Eye Palette has it all…..and MORE! Take a look at the picture of the Eye Palette! There are 12 great shadows in a variety of colors including neutrals, bold, and always “in” shades for you to choose from.

Now here’s the “Magic” of Mally’s Eye palette! The last three shades in the palette are called “Modifiers”! The top (first) color is your shadow base. You’ll want to apply this first over your upper eye area. It totally evens out the eye area, and as Mally always says, “it will allow any color you use to be completely bullet proof!” Once you’ve applied your color the second color will allow you to lighten it, and the third shade will let you deepen your shadows.

I’ve never had so much fun with eyeshadows! Using any color, you’ll be able to create the ever popular “smokey” eye look by targeting the crease of your eye and just a bit above, and then smudge a bit of shadow under the eye! You can then literally “lighten” or “deepen” with these modifiers right on top of the shadows to get the shape and depth perfect! You can also take a shadow up to your eye brow, then “lighten” right under the brow, and “deepen” in the outer corner for an amazing monochromatic shaded eye! Finish with a touch of the “pink” color in the outer corner of your eye for a modern uplifting look!

Here is a before picture of me without makeup. As you can see, my skin is pale, translucent, and has a lot of pink undertones.
Vicki without makeup!
Here is my finished look after applying Mally’s New Pro Tricks Correct and Conceal Palette, and Pro Tricks Eye Palette.
Photo on 5-23-13 at 9.25 AM 2
These are the steps I used to complete my finished look – With Pro-Tricks Correct and Conceal:
1. Using the light Corrector & Concealer Palette with a blend of the light and medium corrector, I was able to match my skin tone, and eliminate any darkness under my eyes. I then added an additional dot of the light concealer and blended it at the inner corner of my eye to make my eyes appear a bit wider apart.
2. With the same “Blend” used above, I applied it around my nose to mouth area on each side, then lifted up just a bit at the corner of my mouth with the light concealer.
3. I then used the medium Corrector & Concealer with just a “touch” of the light around my forehead, cheeks and chin. I carefully blended these areas to even my skin tone. As it turned out, I liked the look and didn’t need to apply any additional makeup. The deeper color is terrific. I used it to contour my cheeks and give a “kiss” of color around my forehead, hairline, and chin while always blending to achieve that “seamless” look. Adding brow color, a pop of blush, and lip color I accomplished a nice finished look. Spraying a mist of a hydration to my face for a fresh look, I then moved along to the Pro-Tricks Eye Palette!

Here are the steps I used with Pro-Tricks Eye Palette:

1.I covered my upper eye area with the top modifier to open my eye and create more space to play with some color.
2.Using the Monochromatic technique I mentioned earlier, I took the 3rd color in the first row of the palette, and brush blended it up an out to the corner of my eyebrow in a diagonal lift.
3.I then used the 2nd modifier and blended the color to lighten from the inner corner of my eye to midway under my eyebrow to achieve a lifted look and still keep a subtle shaping at the outer corner.
4. Going back to the top modifier with a smaller flat top brush, I highlighted under the arch of my brow.
5.Taking a “hint” of the first color in the 2nd row on the tip of my finger, I lightly touched the outer corner of my eye to get a subtle “Pop” of color.
6.I smudged a line around my eye with the 3rd color in the second row, then used the deepest modifier, lightly brushed over the liner, and smudged slightly upward in the outer corners of my eyes.
7.A bit of mascara finished my look.

I can easily say that with Mally’s Pro-Tricks Correct & Conceal Palette ($40) and Pro-Tricks Eye Palette ($50), your possibilities are unlimited!

To purchase your Pro-Tricks Palettes you can head right over to:

Hey Mally….You get 5-STARS for both of these great “Pro-Tricks” Palettes! We love you, and keep up the great work!!

(Quotes, Paraphrased information, and product images in this article were obtained from furnished PR-Fact sheets, PR-images and samples. Personal commentary, my images, and my “steps” of product application suggestions” were my own opinions from personal experience with use of the product. Skin tones and facial corrections vary with each individual. Be sure to adapt and use the appropriate tones for your skin when applying any of the suggested techniques I shared for demonstration purposes in this article.)

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist and HairStylist ~ Amanda Schackleton!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Amanda Schackleton
Posted on: December 25th, 2012

Amanda Schackleton exemplifies the true meaning of a consummate Beauty Expert! Not only is she a seasoned professional makeup up artist, but an extraordinary hair stylist as well! What a plus in this business to be able to develop and excel in both the worlds of hair and makeup! That dual ability really gives Amanda a unique edge in the industry, as she is hired “equally” for makeup and hair assignments!

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist and HairStylist ~ Amanda Schackleton:

Amanda is a New York gal, but was actually educated in makeup artistry and hair styling in London,

England for five years, where she also worked professionally.

I like Amanda’s style and technique! We share similar philosophies, and I believe that they always bring out the best in a person’s look and are really timeless.

Quoting from Amanda’s Biography :
” When it comes to makeup application, Amanda’s style can be described as modern and super clean, with a strong focus on the eyes and lashes. Working with all age ranges, Amanda creates something that is wearable and adapts the eyes to the occasion, and what the client is personally comfortable with.”

For hair, Amanda specializes in styling, particularly for red carpet and updos. Inspired by classic imagery such old Hollywood glamour, she is able to add a twist to make the hair current and on trend.”

Quite the entrepreneur, Amanda also has a company in New York called
NY Bridal Beauty where she adapts the latest looks to compliment each Bride’s special day!

Amanda Schackleton’s NY Bridal Beauty
Visit this website for more information:

To top it off, Amanda founded the “The Media Makeup Academy” in 2009. There is nothing more gracious than to share your ability and success by providing an opportunity to teach and empower aspiring makeup artists to be able learn this wonderful trade in a professional manner with self confidence ! The Media Makeup Academy now has two locations. One is in Chicago and the other in New York!

(Quote)”Students complete 40 hours of intensive and more affordable training and the course acts as an “How-To” guide for the industry. Led by qualified makeup artists that are currently working in the industry, the teachers share their professional experiences of working with both clients and on set. Students are guided through the course and leave with a fully developed skill set and images for their portfolios.”

If becoming a professional makeup artist has always been your dream, I highly recommend that you check out:

Make that dream become a reality!

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Amanda Shackleton:

VICKI :It’s truly a pleasure to interview you Amanda. As a well recognized celebrity makeup and hairstylist in the industry, what was your inspiration to become involved in the beauty business?
AMANDA: My inspiration to be in the beauty industry wasn’t something that I even realized until I was 21. I have always loved fashion and grew up in an artistic household (my Dad was an artist), so I was comfortable painting with him in his studio from a young age. I was in college for physical therapy in the Mid West and being from NY, I had a different fashion sense than most of my friends. They would always end up in my room on the weekends asking me to do their hair and make up, and ask to borrow clothes to wear. It was actually my parents who suggested I would be better at an art school, so when I moved to London with my Mum and Dad at age 20, I went to school for both hair & make u and that’s how it began. London offered so much creative inspiration for me.

VICKI: We both have an appreciation for the timeless and classic look of “Old Hollywood”! Would you be able to share a few hints with our readers on how they might transition their look into a more classic ageless look of that Glamorous “Era” gone by?
AMANDA : Transitioning your look to Hollywood glam is much easier than you think. People get intimidated and think its a hard look to pull off, but really its very simple. My best suggestion is to watch the old Hollywood films and see how the women wore their hair and make up.

I love old school hot rollers, they heat up quickly and once you have set your hair, you can go ahead and do your make up. I suggest keeping a lighter eye and emphasizing your brows and lips. Don’t forget to practice putting on false eyelashes, they do not have to be big and obvious, just cut a small set in half and practice applying them to the outer corners of your eyes. This will make all the difference in your make up look.

Then go back and pull out your rollers, give your hair a spray and run your fingers through your hair in the direction you would like the curls to go. They should be bouncier and not too brushed out, so just keep practicing!!

VICKI: You founded the Media Makeup Academy that is now in two locations ~ Chicago and New York. What qualities do you believe a person who wants to get into a career in the makeup artistry profession needs to possess?
AMANDA: Founding Media Make Up Academy has always been a dream of mine so when I began teaching I always tell my students tenacity is a key quality to make it in the industry. All of my students dream of working with magazines and celebrities but its a long road and you cannot get deterred.There’s a lot of competition and rejection but if you keep practicing and networking while building your portfolio, you will eventually get there.

VICKI: A bride’s special day is so important and can end up being a rather stressful day after all of the pre planning for her wedding. Your company NY Bridal Beauty sounds like a perfect solution. What is your main objective as you prepare a bride for her special day?
AMANDA: When I opened NY Bridal Beauty my main objective was to bring high end hair and make up services to brides in their homes and hotels so they didn’t have the extra stress of running to a salon. We set up a trial and do numerous looks about 6-9 months in advance so we can get the style down perfectly.Trials are pretty intense and we do a lot of work, so once the bride trusts my aesthetic and what we have done it makes her wedding day a little less stressful.

VICKI : What’s trending for brides with hair and makeup looks, right now?
AMANDA: I’ve noticed a definite change in styles I am being asked to do for my brides.Without a doubt we are trending back to über feminine hair styles with a vintage vibe. Brides are also looking up to celebrities at award shows so the hair and make up is more “red carpet” than the traditional bridal looks of the past.

VICKI: With the Holiday’s right around the corner could you share a few ideas about creating a look that will have them on the “cutting fashion” edge for their upcoming events and New Year’s Eve Parties?
AMANDA: Fashion changes so much so I would suggest finding a current look and making it your own.I would concentrate on either your hair or make up and make a statement with it. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it fits your look and style and you feel like yourself. I’m seeing a lot of vintage inspired hair combs and barrettes right now and I think they are a great way to add a little dazzle to your holiday hair.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful answers to my questions. They were exceptional, and sharing your time with us has been so appreciated and enjoyed. I’ve learned so much and I know the readers will be thrilled with all of your wonderful hints and techniques. Let your “Magic” continue, Amanda, and all the best to you in 2013!

In closing, I want to make sure you visit Amanda’s website:

Amanda’s many years of hard work and dedication have awarded her with numerous credits, here are just a few:

Magazines: Glamour, Modern Bride, Vogue, Oprah and more!

Ad Campaigns: Levi Strauss, Avon, XoXo Clothing, and more!

Celebrities : Pierce Brosnon, Katie Courick, Ricky Martin, Harrison Ford, Sara Michelle Geller, and more!

Visit Amanda’s website (above) for more information about Amanda and additions credits !

(Quotes and paraphrased information & photos obtained from PR-Biography, press information, websites and images provided to me. Credit for interview questions: Vicki L. Fischer)

Want to add a little “Sensuality” to your “everyday self” ? Read Dimitri James book, NAUGHTY MAKEOVERS for NICE GIRLS!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Did you ever feel stuck in your current “look”? When you buy makeup or clothes do you always get the same thing, only in a different brand? Do you ever see or know someone who always looks terrific, gets all those second glances, and you wonder why you blend into the crowd?

I’ve experienced all of the above throughout various stages in my life and now have found some great answers in Dimitri James new book, Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls: How to Turn Up the Heat and Add Sex Appeal to Everyday Situations!

Here’s the scoop! (Quote) “Naughty is the New Nice!”

Dimitri James ~ Beauty Maestro, Founder and C.E.O. of SKINN Cosmetics, and author with Jean Penn of Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls: How to Turn Up the Heat and Add Sex Appeal to Everyday Situations.

I have the pleasure of knowing Dimitri, and absolutely beyond a question, he is one of the nicest, multi-talented and creative beauty devotees in the “Beauty Business”! With his notability as a Red Carpet, Runway, Celebrity Makeup artist and International TV Personality with his SKINN treatment products and cosmetics, Dimitri really knows his stuff!

Naughty Makeover for Nice Girls: How to Turn Up the Heat and Add Sex Appeal to Everyday Situations by Dimitri James with Jean Penn and Illustrations by Meghann Powell

In this book he not only shows you how to take a blasé look and add a little “naughty” to spice it up a bit, but covers a wide array of “situations” and teaches you how you can easily create that “Naughty look” on yourself!

If you are like me, I sometimes have the problem with overdoing things when I try something new, but with Dimitri’s well written and easy to understand instructions, along with Meghann Powell’s exceptional illustrations, you’ll never end up with a “trashy” over done appearance. In this book you’ll learn “exactly” how to, as Dimitri says, “empower a Nice Girl to transform herself into a spicy but classy woman in “Every” situation!”

From head to toe, SKINN Care to the perfect SKINN Cosmetics, accessories, hair styles, perfect shaped finger nails, clothing, “do’s and don’ts of fashion, body challenges, body language, and even taking a “good” picture, you’ll find everything you need to know in Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls!

And.. that’s just the tip of the “iceberg”

After getting started with some positive attitude,”self approval” and learning how to adapt things to flatter your needs , you’ll learn the difference between “Naughty and Nice , and distinction between Naughty and Trashy ! Dimitri will share so many tricks and ideas for different situations that you’ll awaken your inner “sassy” and really feel great about yourself!

My goodness…You’ll be able to become (quote) a “Yummy Mommy”, a “Naughty Cougar”, and just about everything in-between!

Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls is a must have for not only you, but what a great gift for the upcoming holidays, a girlfriend, your Mom, or even your Grandmother! Hey…I’m a grandmother, and this book has really got me in a fun and “naughty groove”!

It’s educational, and an energizing enjoyable book for women all ages, sizes, and various stages in their life who want to “upscale” with a little “edge” and make the most of their best qualities!

5-Stars, Dimitri! This is a great book that all women will truly treasure!

You may purchase and learn more about Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls: How to Turn Up the Heat and Add Sex Appeal To Everyday Situations by Dimitri James with Jean Penn and illustrations by Meghann Powell at: ~ Suggested retail-$24.00.

Also visit:

(Quote) “James creates a new kind of finishing school – one for nice girls who always finish anywhere but first.”

(Any paraphrased or quoted information in this article obtained from the book:Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls, and provided Press Release information.)

Attention Gals! Let’s support Celebrity Makeup Artist Mally Roncal and take the Pledge to “Fight The Powder”

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

OK Gals ~ Here’s our beautiful, talented, fearless leader of the “Fight The Powder” Crusade ~ Celebrity Makeup Artist and president of Mally Beauty, Mally Roncal!

Celebrity Makeup Artist ~ Mally Roncal

Mally has one “Nemesis”! The CULPRIT ~ Translucent Powder!
(Quoting Mally) “Powder can make women look cakey, crusty, funky, and settle into fine lines and wrinkles!”

Mally has created a product called Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. Personally speaking, this product is fantastic. As the Key Makeup Artist for a national PBS television series, I’ve been using Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender since 2010. I have it shipped to me on a regular basis. Working in HD-TV you have to look flawless! Face Defender looks great indoors, outdoors, and in any light! I no longer carry a translucent powder in my professional case, or in my own makeup bag!

The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender (Quote) “yields a waterclear, featherlight product that diffuses the look of pores, fine lines , imperfections and helps makeup last and last! It finishes a look, mattifies, and smooths without the dry, ashy look of powder.”

Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

First I’ll give you Mally’s website where you will find great products created by Mally, Videos, and more. On the home page you’ll find a Mally Beauty icon that will take you to the Mally Beauty Facebook page where you can take the pledge. Just go to:

You may also “Search” Mally Beauty when you are logged into Facebook and that will also get you to the “Fight The Powder” page. Make sure to “LIKE” this page and take the pledge!

I took the pledge! So now it’s your turn ! Take the pledge to “FIGHT THE POWDER”!

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist ~ Linda Mason

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Before I share my interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Mason, I inspire all of you who read this article to tune in to “TUESDAY NIGHT BEAUTY” on QVC on Tuesday, March 27th from 9-10PM (EST) where you will be able to see Linda debut an amazing product that I can’t wait to see!! All I’m going to say is that it’s something you all will want in your makeup bag, and Linda will show how versatile it is and how to use it !! Plus, you’ll get to see a delightful talented woman I’ve wanted to interview since I wrote about her most recent book “MAKEUP FOR AGELESS BEAUTY”.

It all began in May of last year when I received Linda’s book to read and review.

I was beyond awe with Linda’s ability to create an individual look on each person in the book that was appropriate for them. The ages ranged from women in their 40′s through their 70′s and the transformations were “magical”. Linda enhanced their outer beauty and brought out their inner beauty with her artistic creativity that resulted in the perfect balance of “true beauty”.

Last month I received a notification that I had a reply from one of the sites that I had my article about Linda’s book posted. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that it was actually from Linda Mason. I received such a thoughtful sincere complement about my article that I knew I had just experienced a moment of synchronicity!

I wrote back to thank Linda and knew it was my perfect opportunity to ask if she might consider doing an interview with me. Her answer of “yes” was like music to my ears. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask her, and the rest is history.


VICKI: What was your inspiration to pursue a career in Makeup Artistry?

LINDA: I always loved makeup and Fashion. I never even knew that there could be such a fabulous job where I could combine both. One day the Public Relations of a cosmetic firm explained the work to me and introduced me to her photographer. I had experience selling makeup and teaching about cosmetics and I had also worked for a few years as a fashion model for designers but I never knew there was such fantastic work. I started testing day and night to get a great portfolio together. Then I never looked back. I was hooked.

VICKI:There are so many types makeup artistry, including television, film, photography, editorial, etc., and they are so subjective. What is your main objective as you personally are creating a look on a client who is not in the entertainment field and just wants a basic makeover?

LINDA: When I have a client I am making up or even just advising. I try to take her to a place that she has never been before. I try to see inside her and get to know her a little then show her something small that could make a big difference to how she looks . Each woman is different so here at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, whether it is myself or one of my assistants, we try to give a Haute Couture personalized makeup experience to our clients. I can give a woman one or two specific looks and this is sometimes what is best, but the majority of my clients understand that spending a couple of hours with me is more like being immersed in a creative process together, it is an exciting experience to be able to see all the possibilities you can do with your face. After the class we take a step back and go over the process and what the client has felt that she can do most easily. The good thing is that after a lesson she can always come back or contact us if she is unsure of anything.

VICKI:If someone might be considering a career in the industry as a Makeup Artist, what would be a good place for them to start?

LINDA:If you are considering a career in the makeup industry there are many avenues. It very much depends on your age. If you are young don’t be in too much of a rush to be a fashion and beauty Makeup artist. Take time to develop your technique and Taste. Go to Art Galleries and read lots of magazines. Not just fashion magazines but other ones too. Working behind the counter in sales especially in a large department store is great as you can try lots of products. Art college or Beauty school are excellent but does not replace your own personal journey and effort that you need to make . If you can not go to art school collect everything that you can to draw or paint with and just do it develop your own style, don’t be afraid to try things out. Makeup all your friends and experiment with the makeup. I didn’t start working as a Fashion and Beauty Makeup artists until I was 28 and am very thankful of that because I realize that the maturity I had gained in my life was a great contributor to my success.

Linda Mason is truly a consummate artist. Her Makeup artistry is exquisite, her art is splendid, and her accessories are simply grand!

“Linda Mason, The Art of Beauty” Shop and Gallery is located in Soho, New York City and a great place to visit.

(Linda Mason Photo and Workshop Photo courtesy of
(Quote) The space also houses a workshop for professionals and as an experimental space to create her hand made compacts, makeup accessories and Art.

Don’t worry if you are not in New York. Linda’s website offers everything from her books, Cosmetics, Haute Couture Makeup compacts, Art, Accessories, and more that you are able to purchase right online. It also has information regarding professional classes, and theme events that are available, plus much more.

It’s quite a fun experience and all you have to do is go to

While you are enjoying Linda’s website make sure you visit “Linda’s Portfolio & Bio.”
The chronological time line of linda’s career is so interesting and when you read all of the celebrities and fashion designers Linda has worked with you’ll see how determination, hard work and passion for what you do truly pays off.

Thank you Linda, for making this interview become a reality. I look forward to visiting you in New york at “The Art of Beauty” shop and gallery one day soon !

An interview about makeup tips with celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and brand ambassador, Tia Dantzler

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Having the opportunity to ask Tia Dantzler some questions about makeup was quite a thrill for me. Tia shared great tips that you’ll be able to easily put to use and as a result not only save time, and money, but look your best from day right into evening, as well. Tia also graciously helped me update my look, and for that I am extremely grateful!

Tia Dantzler has quite an exceptional professional biography!

(Paraphrased from Tia Dantzler’s Bio) : Tia has worked with prominent individuals such as President Barak Obama on more than one occasion, and Senator Joe Lieberman, in the political arena.

In the entertainment field she has done work on Maxwell, Viola Davis, Common, Loretta Devine, Magic Johnson, Sherri Shepherd, Keke Palmer, Chandra Wilson, and Kane West. Tia’s work is most identifiable on Academy & Grammy Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson.

When it comes to the top Fashion Photographers, Tia has worked with Annie Liebovitz, Peggy Sirota, and Matthew Rolston.

Her work is also seen on most of the red carpet events including the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, BET Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and the NAACP Awards.

Tia’s work has also graced TV/Film sets, Fashion Week, National Ad Campaigns, Print, Music Videos, and Commercials.

You may visit : to get more updates on her work. It’s a very beautiful and informative website.

Here are my questions and Tia’s answers from the interview:

VICKI: Question #1- When I (Vicki) work on my beautiful “Global Skin toned” gals they always say they have trouble matching their skin tones, and keeping their skin looking natural. What would you recommend? Is there a particular type of foundation or other medium that is more versatile to even out a global skin tone that might be out there for them to try ?

TIA: Reply to Question #1- I would first suggest applying the foundation in thin layers, little by littler, rather than one thick unnatural layer. Another option would be to head to the cosmetic counter at your local department store to ask for assistance in picking out the perfect concealer for your skin tone. When choosing a concealer for under the eyes always go a shade lighter. When choosing a concealer for blemishes use a concealer the exact shade as your skin tone. Always set your foundation with a blot powder for long-lasting results.

VICKI: Question #2- We have our makeup cases with products for all the needs of our clients, but what would you suggest as far as the bare minimum essentials needed for a gal to carry with her on a daily basis to keep herself looking good at work, and still be able to add a bit of drama for an evening event, if needed?

TIA: Reply to Question #2- First, you always want to carry makeup wipes to clean up any smudges so you can even out your skin tone with pressed powder or a blot powder to tone down oily skin. Next, I would add some eyelashes to your outer lashes to create flirty lashes. I would then add a punch of color to your lips to finish off your night-time look.

VICKI: Question #3- What colors are trending now that the ladies could use with their basic products to update and not have to spend a fortune on all new makeup?

TIA: Reply to Question #3- I’m loving the colored eyeliners such as purple, green, or blue. These pencils help introduce some color to your eyes without breaking the bank. I love full eyelashes so I start off by spraying some Evian spray on a spoolie brush then dusting a bit of Johnson’s Baby Powder on the spoolie to coat the eyelashes, then I add two layers of my favorite mascara. This trick instantly creates full and defined eyelashes.

Those are some great ideas, Tia! If there are any of you who are wondering what a “SPOOLIE” brush is, many major companies carry them and this is what they look like:


Here is what I asked Tia about what I might do to update my look:
Tia, I am trying to get a little “edge” to my look, and ramp it up a bit from my short simple hair style that I’ve been wearing for quite a while :-) I have very natural dark hair and have decided to keep the back short and just grow the sides past my jaw with with long blonde streaks framing my face.

I have a tendency to “wash out” with my fair “Cool” under toned skin, and would like to get some advice about something for my face that would complement my new (still growing) hairstyle & look. Watcha’ think Tia ? I feel so “Blah” & need a lift! Can you help me ?


Here is Tia’s reply:
I absolutely love your cut! The key to your look is balance. I would really play up your eyes by filling in your brows a bit by using brow powder for a natural look. Next, I would use soft pinks, on the eyelid. Make sure you use my mascara tip to really bring the attention to your eyes. You have amazing cheek bones so I would add a bit of bronzer on the cheeks for a hint of color. Whatever your wearing on your lips in your photo…stick with that color as it looks amazing on you! Hope this advice was helpful to you!

I totally agreed with Tia’s assessment of what I needed to do to balance my look. What fantastic tips that I had never thought of doing before!

I proceeded to fill-in my brows with a shade of color that was a better match for my hair color. I used a pink eyeshadow on my eye lid, and absolutely loved the look. I got my spoolie brush out and used the Johnson’s Baby powder technique, and was totally impressed at the volume I was able to get with my eyelashes. I then used a bronzer on my cheeks, and couldn’t believe how natural it enhanced the contour of my face. It was a perfect solution! I blended my two favorite soft pink lip colors to create the same color as Tia suggested, and I was really happy with the subtle change from “Blah” to a more youthful glowing updated look! Thank you so much Tia…

Here is a picture of my new look!

If you would like more of Tia’s tips please visit:
http://the beauty

Real Techniques™ ~ A New Cosmetic Brush line by Samantha Chapman

Monday, July 25th, 2011

As a national makeup artist, I have to say that I really like working with the Real Techniques™ Brushes by Samantha Chapman. The brushes that you see above, are part of my professional makeup case, and they are Samantha’s Real Techniques™ CORE Collection.

Whenever I’m asked about how to achieve a professional makekup look, I always say that you need the proper tools to apply, blend, and create a flawless look like you get when you have your makeup done professionally.The Core Collection is great. It even comes in it’s own stand up case for easy access and storage!

Samantha Chapman is a seasoned and celebrity  makeup artist who is (and I quote) “A beauty vlogger turned internet phenomenom.

Here is the direct link for the tutorial for Samantha Chapman’s Core Collection featured in this article : (just scroll down and it’s on the left side of the page!)

This tutorial is part of Samantha’s web site : where you will find more tutorials, and so much information from this very talented makeup artist.

You’ll be able to purchase Real Techniques™ brush sets on this website, and you may also find them in ULTA stores.

Quoting Samantha, “I’m thrilled to team up with Real Techniques™ to bring women hi-tech tools that deliver high-definition results, alongside tutorials packed with techniques you can use to boost your look”

Chelsy Davy looks splendid at the Royal Wedding

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

It always fascinates me to see how lovely the movie stars appear at the red carpet events. As a makeup artist, I realize all of the planning that takes place with stylists, hair designers, and makeup artists to achieve that special look for a celebrity.

I must say I was curious, and had been thinking a lot about what type of preparation took place with prominent guests participating in such a regal, worldwide publicised event as The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton .

It was one of those synchronistic moments when seconds later I opened an email from UNITE Hair Care. It contained the most interesting documentation of Celebrity hairstylist, Jonathan Long, and Celebrity makeup artist, Jules Cardozo-Marsh ,who by Royal Appointment created the stunning look for Chelsy Davy. Ms. Davy is the young lady who has on and off been linked with Prince Harry, the younger brother of Prince William, and would ,indeed, be a part of the Royal Wedding.

I personally use some of the wonderful UNITE hair products, and have written about them before. With much gratitude to UNITE Hair Care , it’s my pleasure to share both of the artist’s “step by step” hair and makeup creations with you.

Click this link:
Chelsy Davy at the Royal Wedding[3][2]-1 Enjoy!!!

Below you can experience the amazing “Reveal” of Chelsy Davy as she looked for the Royal Wedding.



“Makeup For Ageless Beauty” is an exceptional new book by acclaimed Makeup Artist Linda Mason

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Linda Mason deserves a standing ovation for this exceptionally beautiful, informative, and well presented book that will not only teach you how to care and prepare your face to apply cosmetics as the skin ages, but show you various looks and how to correct areas on your face that may have created a challenge for you in the past, or with maturing, may need some different application techniques. Linda goes through every step on how to make your age and lifestyle work for you.

This is only the beginning! Linda has not only acknowledged the woman 40 plus, but has included women of all ages into their 70′s who look stunning with the proper instructions, products, and placement of cosmetics in a variety of looks which, as a result, brings their “ageless” inner beauty to the surface.

The beauty of the individuality in “Makeup For Agless Beauty” is so visually outstanding, and it’s written in an easy way to understand, and adapt to your own personal needs.

For over 30 years Linda Mason has worked with celebrity clients, fashion designers, photographers, and her makeup artistry has been seen in magazines such as Glamour and Vogue, to name a few. She has her own line of products and a retail store called The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason in New York’s SoHo area where she also teaches makeup classes. You can find out much more about this talented artist, author, and teacher when you visit her website at:

Bravo Linda….Your book should be in every household ! It’s such a joy to see this beautiful range of women who grace “Makeup For Ageless Beauty” from cover to cover, and radiate a positive joy expressing their uniqueness as lovely women from all age groups!

Beauty is from the inside out ,and your book is indeed the perfect expression of how we can all experience that feeling with “Makeup For Ageless Beauty”.