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HairMax offers an $89 Freebie: LOVE Your Hair Again !

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

There is nothing more enviable than a healthy looking full head of hair. Here’s a great offer from a company called HairMax that specializes in a synergistic hair care system, as well as FDA approved Laser Combs to help revive and regenerate your hair.

HairMax  four piece synergistic Hair Care System for healthy fuller hair.

HairMax four piece synergistic Hair Care System for healthy fuller hair.

Receive a FREE 4-Piece hair care collection with purchase.
“LIKE” HairMax ON FACEBOOK- to receive an exclusive code*

*Code valid through 2/17/14 with the purchase of a HairMax LaserComb. U.S.orders only!.

HairMax for den•si•ty ($89): Developed to cleanse, nourish and treat the scalp, the new HairMax for den•si•ty collection provides a healthy base to stimulate new hair growth. The products (sold separately or as a collection) can be used on their own but are also formulated to work synergistically with the LaserComb to fortify weakening hair follicles. The sulfate-free Shampoo ($18) and Conditioner ($18) gently exfoliate the scalp and restore vitality, thickness, and volume. A Revitalize ($23) treatment helps unclog hair follicles and an Activator ($45) serum spray nourishes the scalp to encourage naturally thicker, stronger looking hair.

Available online via:

(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)

Have You Tried MOLTON BROWN Hair Care Products from London?

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

This was my first opportunity to try MOLTON BROWN products, and I’m so glad that I did!

I have fine wavy hair, and am always on the lookout for products that will give my hair more body!

The MOLTON BROWN Kumudu Volumising Shampoo for fine hair, and the Kumudu volumising conditioner did the trick!

MOLTON BROWN  Kumudu Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for fine hair

Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for fine hair

MOLTON BROWN thoroughly cleanses your hair leaving it smooth and silky, and the conditioner is a perfect blend that really adds body without weighing down your hair! The fragrance truly was “exotic”!

My short hair was so manageable and shaped into place with ease. MOLTON BROWN Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner gets a 5-star review from me , and now I definitely look forward to “checking out” some of the other selection of goodies MOLTON BROWN, creates!

To find out more about the MOLTON BROWN hair products go to:

MOLTON BROWN-London has been around for 40 years, and has quite a well respected status world wide! This “cruelty free” store “blends” all their sought after products in London and offers a wide array of products that share a “touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out on the shelf.”

Take a moment to read more about this unique store and all of their products at: !

You’ll be able to order MOLTON BROW right on their website or locate a store near you that carries MOLTON BROWN at:

MOLTON BROWN Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for fine hair

Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for fine hair

(Quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from,, My commentary regarding MOLTON BROWN was my personal opinion from using the provided MOLTON BROWN Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair.)

Add body and volume to your hair with TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott™

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Chelsea Scott , a seasoned professional with twenty years in the “Beauty Industry”, has created the TRUHAIR line of hair care products that work to add volume and body to your hair! An easy to use system, TRUEHAIR gives you that professional look and feel you receive at the salon, but in the privacy of your own home.

I was a perfect candidate for the TRUHAIR products with my short fine wavy hair. I usually have to take too much time with my hair to achieve a look that I like. I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to try the TRUHAIR products and be able to share my results with you!

TRUHAIR   by Chelsea Scott™

by Chelsea Scott™

TRUHAIR Extreme Volume Bodifying Shampoo – $21.50 :I liked the texture of this shampoo. It was very lightweight! TRUHAIR thoroughly, yet gently cleaned my hair. My hair didn’t feel coated or weighted down, as it often does with other products!

This Extreme Volume Bodifying Shampoo contains,“exclusive TRUHAIR Complex with panthenol, biotin, and actipelx complex 194 ~ with hops, goldenseal and witch hazel.”

You just need to apply and massage a small amount of the shampoo to your scalp and wet hair, then rinse. Your hair will feel so clean with no residue.

TRUHAIR Extreme Volume Bodifying Conditioner will be the next product that you use after you shampoo! – $21.50 : This Conditioner contains the same premier ingredients and is also a very “lightweight” product.

With the TRUHAIR Extreme Volume Bodifying Conditioner your hair will be treated to an increase in volume as moisture surrounds the cuticle. As a result, you should notice “thicker-looking”, and “easier to manage hair.”

TRUHAIR Raise the Roots – $19.95 : Raise the Roots worked very well for me. Once again, you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy on your hair ! It’s a “textured, fibrous cream” that allows you to “sculpt and style” your hair. “Apply it on damp hair from root to end, and also on dry hair for more definition.”

•”Styles Hair Easily”
•”Enhances Fullness and Shine”
•”Works on all hair types, including color-treated”

Having short hair, I applied it to my damp hair at the roots for a lift! Then when dry, I added some to the front of my hair to get a perfect lifted and separated look. I was delighted!!

TRUHAIR Tease Ease Volume Set – $22.50 :
I personally use this set, and I also keep one in my professional makeup case!

You receive two wonderful combs for teasing, and the pick is perfect for parting your hair, and it will easily lift the hair at the crown for that “lifted bump” that makes hair appear so full. “These combs are made with durable rubber construction! This helps prevent breakage!”

The finishing spray is exceptional! It holds the hair for a long lasting style, and gives your hair a nice shine, but not a wet or greasy look!

Make sure to visit the TRUHAIR website at:

TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott™ is also available at the HSN Network:

Whether your hair is long or short, I believe most of us aspire to have that voluminous, enviable hair. TRUHAIR gives you some nice options for achieving that goal!

(Quoted and/or paraphrased information in this feature was obtained from provided PR fact sheets,, and My personal commentary is my own opinion from using the product that I received to review.)

Three great products from UNITE® Hair that will create three “Easy Breezy” summer looks!

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

I was introduced to UNITE® Hair products about four years ago, and since then, I’m always enthusiastic when I’m able to share some of the great looks you can achieve with the versatility of UNITE® !

What impressed me the most is that you can always find just the right product in the UNITE® line for whatever “effect” or “look” you’d like to achieve.

When you go to this page on their website:, you’ll get a view of their product line, and see what I mean! UNITE® has a full range of products to “cleanse”, “condition”, “style”, and “finish” your hair, along with “treatments” for your hair, as well!

The real plus is that on most of the products you “click” to view, there’s also a video that shows you what the product can do for your hair!!

Now let’s check out some “Easy-Breezy” summer looks!

This modern twist of the the classic bun is a real winner! It’s perfect for a casual,”no fuss” look that keeps the hair off your face, and is perfect for a relaxing weekend, or day at the beach, and literally takes no time to do!

TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray

Finishing Spray

Create your Messy Bun by using a product like UNITE TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray. ($31) Spray on damp hair to add some texture to your hair. (TRICKY Lite is a great choice for finer hair.) Let your hair air dry, then pull it up into a high bun at the crown of your head. Secure your hair with bobby pins, and you’ll have a great style with staying power, some definition, yet a very relaxed and carefree look!

The ponytail is such a trending style right now so be prepared to turn heads where ever you go when you wear your Sleek Ponytail!



Create your Sleek Ponytail by using a texturizing powder like UNITE Hair Expanda Dust ($26.25). All you need to do is very lightly sprinkle the Expanda Dust around the roots of your hair. Keep in mind.. A little goes a long way! Wait till you see the volume in your hair! Sweep your hair into a ponytail using a paddle brush to smooth the sides. Leave the top “voluminous”! Your final step is to secure your ponytail with a holder.



BEACH Day Texturizing Spray

Your hair will impart effortless “Beachy Waves” that will look like you just took a swim in the ocean when you use a sea salt-water texturizer like the easy to use UNITE BEACH Day Texturizing Spray.Get ready for your tousled beachy waved, full, irresistible sexy hair with this light and easy to use spray by UNITE®.($29.95)

What do you think of these “Easy Breezy” summer Looks? Aren’t they fun…and so easy?

Well….I didn’t forget about all of you Glam Gals with short hair!
Here's what I did with my hair:
I had fun with my wavy but fine short hair by using all three of the featured UNITE® products in this article to create a “summer saavy” and very trendy look that is so versatile and can go chic, fun, casual, and dressy, depending on what you are wearing, and how you accessorize your look!

Here’s what I used on my short wavy hair:
• I sprayed UNITE BEACH Day Texturizing Spray throughout my damp hair.
• Then I diffuse dried my hair, shaping the “sides down smooth”.
• Next I arranged my very short “Fringe” bangs to frame my forehead!
• Sparingly I applied UNITE EXPANDA™ Volumizing Powder around the crown and top of my head. Really….you can always add more and build the volume, but less IS best!! I had tons of volume!
• To achieve more definition and separate my hair, I used the TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray.
• I lightly scrunched the waves around the crown and sides for a soft yet edgy look!
• I Finished the look by adding a few more sprays of the TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray on the roots at the top and front of my hair to support the shape of my cut.

Whether you have long or short hair, unleash your “creativity” with the fine products from UNITE®.
Visit their website at:

(Quoted and/or paraphrased information from this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact sheet, and research on My personal commentary is my own opinion from use of the product I received from UNITE®.)

Joico’s Beauty For A Cure is in full swing and going strong ~ Plus they’ve recently launched a great new product called K-PAK Revitaluxe

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Joico is certainly a company with “Spirit”!

(Quote) Joico is a division of Zotos Inc, and has been dedicatied to the Art of Healthy Hair since 1975. In 2010, Joico created the groundbreaking Beauty for a Cure program, designed to help spread awareness about breast cancer and engage salon professionals in activities to raise money for breast cancer-related organizations.

Once again, this year’s “Beauty For A Cure” is in full swing and going strong! (Quote) “Joico is not only a hair care, color and styling company,” says Sara Jones, senior vice president of Joico/ISO and the 2011 City of Hope Spirit of Life Award Recipient. ” We’re also a company that cares, in an industry that cares, and the proof is the rapid growth of Joico’s Beauty for a Cure initiative.”

This year Joico’s 2011 PINK Beauty For A Cure offers these wonderful promotions:

Glimmer of Hope: 2 Shiseido Lip Glosses + FREE K-PAK® Reconstructor ($44 value)

2 for $22” JoiWhip BCA Duos, JoiMist BCA Duos $22.00 retail ($31.90 / $33.90 value)

K-PAK Reconstruct In Style BCA boxed set, $19.95 retail ($35.90 value)

To find a salon in your area that is participating, and carrying these promotional items, go to:

Joico melds the latest in technology with the trending visions from “art and fashion” to always remain on the cutting edge in their field.

I recently received Joico’s new K-PAK Revitaluxe treatment. It’s just what you need for your “at home” hair treatment and the perfect mate with any Joico K-Pak Shampoo! It smells divine and is very light weight.

(Quote) The new K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment actually repairs and restores years of damage instantly by reconstructing the hair structure from the inside out!

What’s so nice about K-PAK Revitaluxe is that not only it repairs current damage your hair may have, but provides ongoing protection against (Quote) “future damage from chemical, environmental and thermal stress by creating a “molecular bandage” on the hair surface, as well, preventing premature color fading and maintaining color luster!”

(Quote) K-PAK Revitaluxe Ingredients, in addition to Bio-Mimetic Peptides,include:
• Keratin Amino Acids that restore hair’s moisture balance to improve lustre and elasticity.

• Joico Quadramine Complex ~ These are deep-penetrating keratin protein molecules that provide incomparable damage repair and ongoing strengthening. (This is Joico’s signature combination.)

• Jojoba Oil ~ This is a rich moisturizer that deeply penetrates to soften and condition the hair, promoting elasticity, shine, combability and manageability.

• Aloe Extract ~ Aloe is a natural ingredient that provides additional luxurious moisture.

What’s so nice about K-PAK Revitaluxe is that it is great for all types of hair.

You may visit the website listed earlier in the article to locate a salon near you.

Without a doubt, K-PAK Revitaluxe gets a 5-Star Review!

Receive a complimentary shower cap and $1.00 coupon when you purchase PSSSSST Dry Shampoo

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

I use PSSSSST Dry Shampoo at least 3 times a week! Not only is it convenient, but my hair looks fresh and clean and I don’t have to worry about drying out my hair by washing it too often. I’ve been a fan of dry shampoo for many years, and have always been very happy with the healthy clean look, and compliments I get regarding the condition of my hair.

(QUOTE) “Experts agree that daily wet shampooing can be hard on your hair and scalp, stripping hair of its natural oils and increasing the chance of split ends. Dry Shampoo provides that just-washed look and feel without the need for water. It also saves time and builds shine and texture.”

Now for a limited time, Freeman Beauty is not only giving you a shower cap to keep your hair dry when you shower, but a $1.00 coupon you can use on your next purchase of PSSSSST Dry Shampoo. (See above picture) What a great deal!

As makers of the original dry shampoo , you can trust the Freeman Beauty experts, with their knowledge, and experience to keep your hair looking it’s best! With PSSSSST Dry shampoo you’ll be able to remove excess oils from your hair along with build-up product. I like the volume, body, and that fresh shampoo smell I experience when I use PSSSSST Dry Shampoo.

I think that most of us are aware of the amount of money we spend on coloring our hair! Did you know that hair color will last longer if you shampoo it less frequently? There’s just another reason to use PSSSSST Dry Shampoo, and think about the extra time you’ll save not having to dry and style your hair.

So are you ready to have great looking hair, and some extra time? Then this is the perfect time to try PSSSSST Dry Shampoo, get a shower cap (It’s really cute), and that $1.00 coupon for your next purchase. You can find PSSSSST Dry Shampoo at mass merchandise stores nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. You can also purchase your PSSSSST online

This is a limited time offer! Don’t miss out….

Easy solutions to look good and feel fantastic with two products from Freeman Beauty

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Freeman Beauty has a number of products that will have you looking good and feeling great in no time. I’m going to share two of them with you in this article, and then I’ll direct you to their website where you can see for yourself the impressive array of effective time saving products that Freeman Beauty has to offer.

The first product is Pssssst Instant Dry Shampoo for Wavy or Curly Hair.

I believe I can safely say that for some reason each day we often end up finding ourselves in a “time crunch”, for one reason or another.Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo for wavy or curly hair is an easy to use solution that can help. This quick dry shampoo will have you on your way in moments with a clean revitalized head of hair! Glam Gals and Guys, you really need to experience this great dry shampoo!

It really does everything stated in the promotional material. For example, I have wavy hair, and I like the way Pssssst Dry Shampoo not only cleans and conditions without water or the need to brush out my hair, but deodorizes, boosts, and adds volume as well.

Referenced from product literature):
Pssssst Dry Shampoo contains Argan Extract~ That’s a great source of antioxidants and moisture. It improves elasticity that hinders the breakage of hair, and also controls frizz! The formula is invisible so there’s no white residue, making it perfect for all hair colors!

If you do not have wave or curl in your hair the Origninal Pssssst Dry Shampoo is also available.


The next Freeman beauty product is year round as well, but during these hot Summer days it’s really a “Must Have” product!

Bare Foot® Repair Deodorizing Foot Spray is a deodorizer for your feet and shoes. I think you’ll agree that when your feet feel good you feel good. BareFoot® Repair will not only give you the confidence of knowing your feet will remain dry, but protected from odor for the whole day.

In this humid hot weather, simply said, your feet perspire and my own frustration is the rubbing of the shoe against my foot while walking and getting irritations from my foot perspiration inside the shoe or sandal that I’m wearing. Bare Foot® allows my feet to feel dry and have a comfortable coolness that really makes a difference. It’s a very clean and energizing type feeling.

(Referenced from product literature)
The Ingredients in Bare Foot® Deodorizing Foot Spray include:
• Zinc Ricinoleate which will trap the molecules of oder, and as a result absorb smells.
• Sodium Bicarbonate that naturally deodorizes.
•Talc which helps eliminate the moisture
•Neem Oil- This oil has antifungal qualities

This product has really helped my feet feel more comfortable. Following the application instructions, I shake the container and spray it over my whole foot. The feet are often over looked, and I’ve now become more aware what a difference using a product like Bare Foot® Deodorizing Spray can provide. It imparts a very nice comfortable sense of well being as I go about my day.

There are even more products that are available at from skin care, body care, and hair care that are not only very nicely priced, but also provide a lot of good information about the product, ingredients and proper use.

“Bonding over Beauty” by Erika Katz is a must read book for moms with tween to teen daughters

Friday, July 22nd, 2011


I am so impressed with this wonderful book that Erika Katz has written to help Moms during that tween to teen time in their daughter’s lives, by providing solutions to the issues that these young gals are dealing with. It’s the perfect opportunity for moms to provide “bonding” moments with their daughters as they transition into young women, and give them that much needed loving guidance during this special time.

“Bonding over Beauty” contains a lot of information and direction that will help you, step by step, to create enjoyable memories and an opportunity for you to utilize solutions in the book to pertinent issues and questions the young gals are dealing with, that might otherwise present a bit of a challenge for you to approach.

The content in “Bonding over Beauty” is so exceptional that I highly encourage not only moms, but dads, and grandparents to read this book, as well.

As a parent who raised two wonderful boys who have now presented my husband and me with 5 young granddaughters, I personally appreciated the great direction and guidance to be able to share with our girls when they reach that age, and start asking all those “personal” questions.

This is the perfect source for answers that will create a bond that will always remain a cherished remembrance. Erica Katz has truly put together everything you’ll need to know in this book!

From haircare, skincare, makeup, unwanted body hair , female and health issues, nutrition, body care, and so much more, the information is so well presented, and the professionals who contributed helpful hints and information are “Top Notch!”

(Information used from “About the Author” from Bonding over Beauty)
Erika Katz got an early start in the beauty field when she was 3 months old and on the cover of BABYTALK magazine with her father. By thirteen she had appeared in over a hundred television commercials , Hollywood and television films, photographed by Richard Avedon , and also modeled for many catalogs and national magazines.

A Dartmouth College graduate with a degree in French and psychology, Erika interned in the beauty department at SEVENTEEN magazine and used all of her accumulated experience from all of the work she had done at SEVENTEEN, cosmetology classes, and substantial work in television and modeling as her basis for the creating of Bonding over Beauty.

My readers know how I feel about the importance of a person to be able to feel good on the inside and then have that feeling translate to their beauty on the outside!

I was so touched with Erica Katz’s words that she wrote in the AFTERWORD section of her book that I was instantly “bonded” to the beautiful intent of Erica’s writing this book!

(and I quote) ” Please keep in mind that this book is not about making your daughter “beautiful” or turning her into a beauty queen. Rather, it is about helping her deal with the joys and struggles all girls face as they grow into womanhood.”

For more information, please go to :

Facebook :

Twitter :!/bondoverbeauty

Bonding over Beauty is also available at