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An interview about makeup tips with celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and brand ambassador, Tia Dantzler

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Having the opportunity to ask Tia Dantzler some questions about makeup was quite a thrill for me. Tia shared great tips that you’ll be able to easily put to use and as a result not only save time, and money, but look your best from day right into evening, as well. Tia also graciously helped me update my look, and for that I am extremely grateful!

Tia Dantzler has quite an exceptional professional biography!

(Paraphrased from Tia Dantzler’s Bio) : Tia has worked with prominent individuals such as President Barak Obama on more than one occasion, and Senator Joe Lieberman, in the political arena.

In the entertainment field she has done work on Maxwell, Viola Davis, Common, Loretta Devine, Magic Johnson, Sherri Shepherd, Keke Palmer, Chandra Wilson, and Kane West. Tia’s work is most identifiable on Academy & Grammy Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson.

When it comes to the top Fashion Photographers, Tia has worked with Annie Liebovitz, Peggy Sirota, and Matthew Rolston.

Her work is also seen on most of the red carpet events including the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, BET Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and the NAACP Awards.

Tia’s work has also graced TV/Film sets, Fashion Week, National Ad Campaigns, Print, Music Videos, and Commercials.

You may visit : to get more updates on her work. It’s a very beautiful and informative website.

Here are my questions and Tia’s answers from the interview:

VICKI: Question #1- When I (Vicki) work on my beautiful “Global Skin toned” gals they always say they have trouble matching their skin tones, and keeping their skin looking natural. What would you recommend? Is there a particular type of foundation or other medium that is more versatile to even out a global skin tone that might be out there for them to try ?

TIA: Reply to Question #1- I would first suggest applying the foundation in thin layers, little by littler, rather than one thick unnatural layer. Another option would be to head to the cosmetic counter at your local department store to ask for assistance in picking out the perfect concealer for your skin tone. When choosing a concealer for under the eyes always go a shade lighter. When choosing a concealer for blemishes use a concealer the exact shade as your skin tone. Always set your foundation with a blot powder for long-lasting results.

VICKI: Question #2- We have our makeup cases with products for all the needs of our clients, but what would you suggest as far as the bare minimum essentials needed for a gal to carry with her on a daily basis to keep herself looking good at work, and still be able to add a bit of drama for an evening event, if needed?

TIA: Reply to Question #2- First, you always want to carry makeup wipes to clean up any smudges so you can even out your skin tone with pressed powder or a blot powder to tone down oily skin. Next, I would add some eyelashes to your outer lashes to create flirty lashes. I would then add a punch of color to your lips to finish off your night-time look.

VICKI: Question #3- What colors are trending now that the ladies could use with their basic products to update and not have to spend a fortune on all new makeup?

TIA: Reply to Question #3- I’m loving the colored eyeliners such as purple, green, or blue. These pencils help introduce some color to your eyes without breaking the bank. I love full eyelashes so I start off by spraying some Evian spray on a spoolie brush then dusting a bit of Johnson’s Baby Powder on the spoolie to coat the eyelashes, then I add two layers of my favorite mascara. This trick instantly creates full and defined eyelashes.

Those are some great ideas, Tia! If there are any of you who are wondering what a “SPOOLIE” brush is, many major companies carry them and this is what they look like:


Here is what I asked Tia about what I might do to update my look:
Tia, I am trying to get a little “edge” to my look, and ramp it up a bit from my short simple hair style that I’ve been wearing for quite a while :-) I have very natural dark hair and have decided to keep the back short and just grow the sides past my jaw with with long blonde streaks framing my face.

I have a tendency to “wash out” with my fair “Cool” under toned skin, and would like to get some advice about something for my face that would complement my new (still growing) hairstyle & look. Watcha’ think Tia ? I feel so “Blah” & need a lift! Can you help me ?


Here is Tia’s reply:
I absolutely love your cut! The key to your look is balance. I would really play up your eyes by filling in your brows a bit by using brow powder for a natural look. Next, I would use soft pinks, on the eyelid. Make sure you use my mascara tip to really bring the attention to your eyes. You have amazing cheek bones so I would add a bit of bronzer on the cheeks for a hint of color. Whatever your wearing on your lips in your photo…stick with that color as it looks amazing on you! Hope this advice was helpful to you!

I totally agreed with Tia’s assessment of what I needed to do to balance my look. What fantastic tips that I had never thought of doing before!

I proceeded to fill-in my brows with a shade of color that was a better match for my hair color. I used a pink eyeshadow on my eye lid, and absolutely loved the look. I got my spoolie brush out and used the Johnson’s Baby powder technique, and was totally impressed at the volume I was able to get with my eyelashes. I then used a bronzer on my cheeks, and couldn’t believe how natural it enhanced the contour of my face. It was a perfect solution! I blended my two favorite soft pink lip colors to create the same color as Tia suggested, and I was really happy with the subtle change from “Blah” to a more youthful glowing updated look! Thank you so much Tia…

Here is a picture of my new look!

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