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Camouflage Cosmetic Creator, Makeup Artist, and Author, Judith August has “Gotcha Covered” !

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

When it comes to the world of camouflage cosmetics, Judith August is the Glam Gal you want to get to know!

Visit Judith’s awesome webpage : and find a solution for just about anything! Whether it be dark circles under your eyes, problems with rosacea, uneven skin, etc., I’m telling you, you’ll find a “fix” for your problem from this former New York and Los Angeles model who has celebrities galore loving her products!

I also want to introduce you to her exceptional news letter below that I know you’ll enjoy!

And yes, that gorgeous blonde at the bottom of the page is “Super Model” Heide , one the many celebrities, and entertainers that have raved about Judith’s “Everything Pencils” which have appeared as “ Must Haves” in numerous Beauty and Fashion publications! The “Everything Pencil” is portable, easy to use and naturally covers with ease!

You can check out a vast array of terrific products on Judith’s website, including the “Everything Pencil”. You’ll also be treated to some great pictures of Judith when she was modeling, along with many tips to keep any “imperfections” you may have, undercover.

Go now !! Visit & like Judith August’s Facebook Page , enjoy the wonderful tutorial, and learn how to create your own “Sexy Smokey Eyes” !

(Copy of Judith’s newsletter courtesy of Judith August Cosmetics.)

Shea Vaughn’s Book ~ BREAKTHROUGH: The 5 Living Principles To Defeat Stress, Look Great & Find Total Well-Being….is a “Must Read”!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We are all individuals with different situations and needs. Often the path to find the personal balance and direction in our life can cause us frustration and it becomes an ongoing quest that can be quite challenging.

In BREAKTHROUGH, Shea Vaughn not only shares her journey, but step by step presents her amazing plan geared toward gals 45 and older who generally at this time in their lives are searching to find their, as Shea calls it, “Mind-Body” connection.

For me, the book came as one of those synchronistic answers to what I myself had been dealing with, and I must say that it is not only extremely well written, easy to read and relate to, but has pointed me in the right direction! I personally look forward to practicing SheaNetics®. (Quote from press literature) ” SheaNetics® is a revolutionary blend of ancient and contemporary values and movements that deliver a powerful mind-body experience.”

The book has a 5-Day Breakthrough Boost that includes (Quote from press literature) “Recipes for well being to creating your safe space to “meditation in motion and thought”, and also offers a jumpstart for women looking to redefine their way of life in a sustainable way.”

There are also pictures of Shea showing Body Boost sequences for you to do, as well.

As a certified personal trainer Shea Vaughn’s clients include professional athletes and notable executives.

Trained in ballet, Tai-Chi, Martial Arts, ZUMBA, yoga, pilates and more, Shea is also skilled in Eastern practices, as well as meditation for growth and stress reduction.

Her Celebrity son, actor Vince Vaughn says, “I’m grateful my mom took the time to share her passion in this book. Her work ethic and optimism have always inspired me.”

You may visit: where you can learn more about Shea and purchase her book BREAKTHROUGH: The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great, and Find Total Well-Being, along with additional SheaNetics® products.

This book is also available at:

I am very happy to give BREAKTHROUGH a 5-Star Review!

What an inspirational and delightful book, Shea ~ Continued Success!