Bizarre Beauty Tricks

Oh, the things women do in the name of beauty. From using hemorrhoid cream on our faces to applying mascara with the help of business cards, many of us have tried some strange tricks in order to look gorgeous.

This week, I logged some time as your most trusted grooming guinea pig, applying Pepto-Bismol to my face (go ahead, make a joke at my expense), putting Vaseline on my eye lashes and even applying PAM as a moisturizer, all to report back from the beauty trenches about which bizarre beauty tricks work and which are utterly laughable.

Leave it: PAM for Legs

The word on the street is that PAM Cooking Spray is ideal for adding sheen and moisture to bare legs.  And, of course, the PAM used should be unscented, unless you want to reek of butter or olive oil. Begrudgingly, I gave this trick a whirl and let me just say, I should get an award for the things I do in the name of beauty. My advice is: stick with PAM for sautéing that chicken breast with broccoli you’ll be having for dinner. Once you spray PAM on any of your body parts, the “trick” will most definitely be on you.

Love it: Business Cards for Lashes

This trick may seem a bit odd, but once you master the technique, using a business card to aid in applying mascara, especially on the lower lashes, is really quite effective. Simply place a (clean) business card below lower lashes and then apply mascara, moving the wand back and forth gently and using the card to catch excess mascara. This technique helps coat each lash with product and also works on upper lashes.

Leave it: Preparation H for Under Eyes

Sorry, supermodels, I just can’t put my stamp of approval on the idea of putting cream that’s meant for your bum, on your face. And while many suggest that Preparation H works on under eye puffiness because of Phenylephrine, an ingredient that helps temporarily constricts blood vessels, applying Preparation H to the delicate eye area is a beauty no-no. For a cheaper, and more effective remedy, sleep with your  head slightly raised and apply a cool compress to eyes first thing in the morning for five minutes.

Love it: Vaseline for Lashes and Brows

Just a dab of Vaseline applied to already filled in brows, helps shape brows and, some say, nourishes brow hair.  Applying Vaseline to the tips of lashes, being very careful not to get the product in eyes, really can help moisturize lashes and prevent breakage.

Leave it: Monistat For Face

If you think this is hard to read, imagine how hard it is to write about. Worse yet, to have actually done it. But, the rumor that Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel makes an excellent face primer and, in fact, works just as well as the ultra-popular Smashbox Photofinish primer, had to be debunked. Once you get past the initial disgust at putting a cream meant for certain problems down under on your face, it really isn’t that bad. But it’s not good either; applying Monistat to my face left my skin feeling greasy and caused the makeup applied on top to crack.  And that is wack.

Love It: Diaper Rash Cream for Breakouts

Since most diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide, said to relieve itching and reduce the possibility of infection, some recommend using diaper rash cream to treat pimples. One negative is that these creams tend to be very white and pasty, so if you’re in a relationship, applying this product to pimples at nighttime is a definite deterrent to romance.  But, if it’s better skin, not bedtime fun, you are after, this home remedy is actually effective.

Leave it: Pepto-Bismol as Face Mask

This last trick landed me smack in the bowels of the beauty trenches. And I want out.

Apparently, the idea behind the Pepto-Bismol facial was born when some well-meaning, DIYer noticed that Pepto-Bismol contains salicylic acid, an ingredient often found in skin care.  After applying a thin mask of the product to my face with a cotton ball (and hiding in the bathroom from my husband who would clearly think I’d gone insane), I washed the product off and looked in the mirror. There, I saw a crazy woman, with a slight pink tone to her skin, staring back at me.

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The Shoe Diva
The Shoe Diva

I've been doing the Vaseline on the lashes for the past couple of weeks, I was told it helps the lashes grow, Pam on the legs, nah, I'll pass on that one too lol, I somehow see in my mind slipping & sliding on leather furniture. Going to give the business card trick a try. As far as Prep H, I've never used it under my eyes but when I was a fitness competitor, I would put it on my ab area, saran wrap & do my cardio. It would help my abs show up just before competition. Glad that you were the guinea pig for many of these so we don't have to venture out & become pink ladies for nothing tee hee


Almost peed my pants while reading this. I've fallen for the toothpaste to treat blemishes trick. Not a fan. Must try desitin!


These products are not made with the original ingredients. Prep H if you do research use to have the effects of tightening the skin apparently after the ingredients changed it was done. If I know this then you can know this too by doing the research.

Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes

I can't belive you tried all of this! You are a crazy beauty addict. I mean that in the nicest way.


That's really interesting about the abs, Diva -) I wonder if prep H can take the place of cardio? Kidding!