Still Playing Dress Up


As a girl, playing dress-up (and make-up and hair-up) was a staple on my recreational calendar. And yes, I still do it, regularly putting together outfits in advance or trying new makeup looks. Thank goodness I have a job that makes this type of behavior acceptable.  (In fact, it may even be encouraged in my line of work.)

No matter now, since an adorable collection called Lotty Dotty features organic tees inspired by playing dress up with paper dolls.   And, best of all, the screen printed dolls featured on each tee can be dressed interchangeably with Velcro-backed designer outfits. I’m serious. 

And, in case you have a “mini me” who will not be pleased if Mom’s the only one in the house who gets to play with dolls, Lotty Dotty tees come sized for girls as young as 4 and as old as, well, me.

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