Aging Glamorously

I’ve gotten into the habit of telling people that I’m 40. Which is actually completely untrue. I’m 38.

It’s not that I intend to lie, it’s just that, it seems so much easier to round up. (After all, this isn’t my weight we’re talking about.) And my age, be it 38 or 40 or 21, doesn’t define me. It is, after all, just a number.

My Mother, whose age I won’t reveal here because every woman has a right to be the keeper of her own number, is aging gracefully.  No injectables, no plastic surgery, barely even a facial. And, she is beautiful. I’ve met other women, likely around the same age as my Mother, many of whom have had work done — whether they admit it or not — and they are beautiful, too.

And so, I’ve come to believe that aging  glamorously  is not about needles vs. nature, it’s about loving how you look, no matter your age and maybe even, dare I say, being proud of your number.

Aging glamorously is about doing what you feel you must do to maintain pride in your appearance. For my Mom, that comes down to using organic products, treating her skin gently, and loving her salt and pepper locks.  For me, there’s likely to be a lot of technological assistance involved.

But I’ve got time to figure all of that out. After all, I’m only 38. And a 1/2.

P.S. Watch some of the world’s most beautiful women, think Isabella Rossellini, Jerry Hall, Christie Brinkley, Beverly Johnson and other legendary models reflect on aging, plastic surgery and whether or not true beauty is ageless in the HBO film “About Face,” recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

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