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Technology and the Fashionista Gift ideas

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

After attending the Windows Phone preview during the  Micrcosoft Open House , Pepcom expo, and the American Rebel Showroom preview recently, I’ve found some sleek gadget gifts just for the girl on the go.

Microsoft Window Phone introduces a new models just in time for the  perfect gift. Work, texting , email , word docs, excel even powerpoint presentations can be done with these phones. Windows Phone  is truly a mini office.  Exciting features include the  Samsung focus  front  8 megapixel camera.

Check out the new models:

HTC Radar™


HTC Radar by TMobile

Just launched  last month , The HTC Radar offers a premium design and is crafted from a single piece of polished metal. Keeping people at the center with Threads and Live Tiles, the HTC Radar intuitively lets you get real-time close with your social network. You can always capture life’s memorable moments with the HTC Radar’s great, lively camera.

Price: $99



Samsung Focus S by AT&T

Samsung Focus S


The Samsung Focus S builds on the success of the award-winning and highest selling Windows Phone in the U.S., the Samsung Focus. Featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4 GHz processor, 4G-capable speeds and a thin profile at 8.55 millimeters. It includes front facing 1.3 megapixel and a rear facing 8-megapixel camera.

Price: $199


Microsoft offers Sleek  Portable Laptops gifts  at great prices



ASUS Zenbook

If Santa will  splurge  this should be on your list . This is The ZENBOOK™ uses a precision-crafted design measuring only 3mm at the front and 9mm at the rear. The form features razor thin edges and a curved center section, which is both practical and attractive – while accommodating the powerful computing components within. It embodies beauty and strength in complete balance and harmony.

Price: $999


VAIO notebook


Freelancer, office on the go? This Sony VAIO is the perfect tool. Put a true pro to work for you with a laptop that offers superior portability, performance, and power. Enjoy HD graphics on the 11.6″ LED display, ample storage for your favorite multimedia, and the muscle of a new AMD Fusion APU—all in a slim, lightweight package.

Price: $599.99


Lightweight high performance cameras

We need our videos on the go especially during the holidays. Here are some great finds  from  Microsoft and Vivitar that are sure to make fantastic gifts .


Microsoft  Life Cam Studio

LifeCam by Microsoft


The first webcam by Microsoft !

Microsoft LifeCam Studio delivers superior sharpness and excellent image quality as Microsoft’s first webcam with a True 1080p HD sensor. When people can’t attend an important life moment in person, LifeCam Studio delivers the closest thing to being there. Great gift for a fantastic price

Price: $99.99


Vivitar introduces the first 3D digital camera .




Vivcam 3D camera

Capture life in beautiful 3D, with the DVR 790 3D Camcorder! With a 5.1 Megapixel resolution and 4x Digital Zoom, you’ll never miss a moment. The DVR 790 has a 2.7″ preview screen for easy viewing, and HDMI capability for playback on your big screen television. And it’s available in 5 fashionable chic colors . The DVR 790 is the perfect companion for those on the go. This is on my list !

Vivicam Digital Wifi camera

Vivitar’s slim and stylish ViviCam T132 boasts a resolution of 12 Megapixels, together with high quality 5x digital zoom that allows you to capture every detail and produce stunning prints. With anti-shake and red eye reduction tools, you’ll be astonished at just how easy it is taking crisp and smooth photos. Plus, the ViviCam T132 is Wi-Fi enabled, letting you upload pictures wirelessly to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Pricing can be found at here or at 


Indulge in Chocolate from Carol’s Daughter

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Tis the season of chocolate. It’s everywhere you look during the holiday season. Now thanks to Carol’s Daughter you can indulge your tresses in a chocolate delight.



The Chocolat Collection by Carol's Daughter


The new Chocolat Smoothing Collection was recently launched as a repairing collection for frizzy fried hair. The formula promises to tackle damaged hair and transform it. The secret ingredient is Kervais a hyper active plant protein that rebuilds hair by filling in lifted cuticles. Cacao extract ,vegetable protein and sunflower seed oil are other ingredients used throughout the product line.

Gift Idea : Dress up the Chocolat Collection in a box with your own customized M&Ms for a friend.


The Chocolat Collection includes :

ChocolÄt SMOOTHING SHAMPOO: Formulated with Amenolado Cacao sourced from Ecuador and West Africa, this replenishing shampoo gently cleanses with coconut-derived cleansers. Vegetable-derived protein acts like the natural Keratin in hair to strengthen and smooth each strand. $18


ChocolÄt SMOOTHING CONDITIONER: Cacao extract smoothes and vegetable protein rebuilds as Sunflower Seed Oil creates a high-shine, lightweight moisture seal for a sleek finish. $20


ChocolÄt SMOOTHING BLOW DRY CREAM: In addition to softening Cacao Extract and strengthening vegetable proteins, this blow dry formula harnesses the smoothing, reparative, shine-enhancing power of soy protein. $24



Carol’s Daughter Chocolät Smoothing Collection is available at Carol’s Daughter Stores,, Macy’s, Dillard’s and Regis Salons nationwide


3 Tinted Moisturizers for Brown skin

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

We know it’s  cold out  but dont forget that sun protection is must for all skin tones.If you are brown or very dark it can be challenging to a tinted moisturizer with everything you need and match your skin tone.  Even in today’s”broader range” of color choices cosmetics companies still offer limited amount of shades for darker skin tones. Though most of the world are people of color  sadly  many cosmetic brands  still think in beige.

But  I’ve tracked down three  that are Brown girl friendly and will protect you from winter rays,  so stock up!


Boot No 7 Soft and Sheer tinted moisturizer

Boots No 7  Soft and Sheer  Dark 

This was a surprise and “new to me” because I had only know the British brand  for skincare. When this arrived I wasn’t sure it would match because it was actually a little to dark . But once it is spread out it blends in with a sheer tinted brown perfectly. One drop is all you need as it’s so concentrated. If found it to even out the yellow undertones for a smooth even finish.  I”m in love with this stuff!

Boots tinted moisturizer in Dark has an SPF 15 to protect from the rays as well. It’s my go to for daily use.  And it doesn’t break the bank . Find it at  Target stores for about $11.99  or


Beauty Addicts Mineral Tints in Deep

Beauty Addicts Deep mineral tint

Beauty Addictst tinted Moisturizer in Deep 

This is a mineral-based, oil-free, ultra-sheer tinted moisturizer with an SPF 20 to protect the skin while appearing flawless and radiant! A blend of ingredients like Ginseng Root Extract, and Vitamins A, C and E as powerful anti-oxidants.  I was surprised at how light felt and how well it blended with the right amount of coverage. Again if you are on the medium side brown this is great but dark shades of brown it may leave some ashiness.

Lighter shades of brown may benefit from  the shade called Sand. Priced at $32 you can find Beauty addicts 




Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer tints in Dark 

As the name states this is sheer. It’s the sheerest of the three . It goes on so light you don’t even see it but the SPF 45 is working trust me! The oil free formula provides UVB and UVA protection while giving your skin a nice dewy feel. The ocean scent is also a plus .You may wear another moisturizer as a base before hand  if you are really dry during the winter months. Snowboarding or skiing over the winter ?  This is the one for you. ( about $36.) or 


Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Facial tint SPF 45


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Could Core fusion transform your body?

Friday, November 18th, 2011

With  holidays coming and it getting cooler it’s so easy to become a winter couch potato. This season If you  chose not to couch it out this winter, why not transform for the holidays and have fun at the same time .Core Fusion was highly recommended so I decided to give a try.

The idea is to  strength train muscles with your own body weight or very light weights . It’s a combinations of muscle work, yoga, pilates and cardio.

So to track  my own 30 day progress I will  keep a diary on my experience . Follow my experience  in the coming weeks and I’ll reveal the end results.

My First day 

I took a Core fusion open class  on the upper east side.

The studios is located Inside an office building on Madison Ave. It’s very unsuspecting since it’s located in an  hotel like a few of the other NY locations.

I walked  into a calm spa like atmosphere. This  Exhale  location has a large retail floor of items from high end  skincare, active wear by exhale ,even House of Harlow shades were on display.

The open core fusion class was taught by Karen. Karen was very helpful in  explaining positions and repositioning me.

Once in the class I  realized how much you  need it,  repositioning and all. Highlights of  core fusion class included  ab work on the floor against mirror , which were killer . The ballet bar is essential to so many of the  class exercises .For example on the bar leg lifts look easy  but  become  very difficult because ..well we never stop lifting.

Talk about pain in the ass, thighs and burning burning abs.Sweat was starting to drip  and I feel like “I’m reshaping, reshaping” ! This was my  chant  to get me through the pain.

But Karen looked like she had rock hard abs ,so I focused on the end results and powered through the pain.

End of class was very rewarded with a hot shower. Core Fusion provides members with toiletries from the Exhale spa, shampoo, conditioner, body wash , shave gel, Q-tips  and even razors. You basically don’t need to bring much unless you have the time to luxuriate.

Unfortunately the steam work was out of order that day or I would have spent some much needed time in there.

The next  day I woke  up and my thighs, abs,  calves were sore like I just did a weight circuit !

Since that day I’ve taken more classes . Note, it does not get easier as with most workouts. Each trainer teaches differently, therefore your muscles get the same attention but the actual exercises  change constantly challenging your body  for faster results.

If you are wondering what exactly goes on in a core fusion class take a peak at this video.

Core Fusion workout

With Thanksgiving right around the corner Core Fusion will be a  refuge. Next week my progress marking  three weeks of classes will be official and I’ll post results. Though it seems  some progress has been derailed by recent press events I’ve attended (ie the NY Chocolate show post), so I’ll have to up the ante in the coming weeks.





A Delicious Day at the New York Chocolate Show

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I know your wondering about all of these food posts. But with the holidays just around the corner a PrettyCity chic has got to get her home entertainment game up. So grab a pen and take some notes for you next holiday event .

I think most of us love chocolate some more than others . That’s why I wanted to share The  NY Chocolate show highlights  and gifts ideas  for loved ones.

Chocoholics take note !

The  New York Chocolate show graced us with delectable goodies in dark , milk and white chocolate.

It was an event  to overdose on chocolate . There were samples of bars , hot chocolate, chocolate wines,organic coco , Cookies and other baked goods.Think trick or treating for adults. Btw if this existed when I was a kid as a young chocholic,my parents would have never heard the end of it.

Chocolate Wine


On that note, I found some alternatives to sugary chocolate that will fix your fix. Here’s my top picks to try.

Don Q rum


Don Q rep demonstrating a chocolate cocktail recipe

No it’s not chocolate but it can be added to it . This booth offered guests  sample cocktails thoughout the show . On the day I went it was a passion fruit rum drink and a kokolo (coconut) mixed drink. Mixologist from Don Q  were on hand  to give out ideas on creating the perfect chocolate holiday cocktail. Find more recipes here  Your holiday guests will be glad you did.

(Photos above taken with the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone)

Gnosis chocolate

Fmale owned healthy and organic . I think I’ve found my soul mate here. Well,  I had the pleasure of meeting Owner Vanessa Barg  who was on hand to tell guests a bit about Gnoisis process.

” Our brand goes beyond fair trade. We take it a step further and work directly with the cocao farmers” said Barg

Gnosis Aphrodisia bar

All of their delicious bars made with agave and herbs . Each bar has a special purpose  infused  such as aphrodisiacs, energy, immune support , and feminine health. Want to give the gift of good for you chocolate? Check the Gnosis website for their annual gift sets.

American Heritage Ground Drinking Chocolate

American Heritage 

Hot coco anyone? This is a staple for chocoholics in the winter .American Heritage produces finely grounded drinking chocolate using a old 18TH CENTURY recipe. Ground and spiced with all natural cinnamon anatto,anise,nutmeg,vanilla,orange,red pepper just a tad of salt.the taste is pure rich coco sans milk and extras. This is for purist only. More information is here 

Not a coco drinker, try any variety of chocolate teas from Spicesand Tease . The createurs de saveurs booth was  filled with culinary  herbs, spices and teas for more than your sweet tooth. Their store front is on the upper west side in NYC.



In addition to delicious chocolate at every corner , guest were able to view the latest garments from the Chocolate fashion show held  last Wednesday night. Each piece was a collaborations  between a  chef and fashion designer . Each garment is not entirely made of chocolate but rather mostly constructed with chocolate or chocolate accents. This brings edible clothing to a whole other level!

These photos were taken with the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone. This phone rocks!

The chocolate Follies showgirl


Chocolate Morticia

Doesn’t this scream Cher circa 1980’s ?

50's Playbill dress