Could Core fusion transform your body?

With  holidays coming and it getting cooler it’s so easy to become a winter couch potato. This season If you  chose not to couch it out this winter, why not transform for the holidays and have fun at the same time .Core Fusion was highly recommended so I decided to give a try.

The idea is to  strength train muscles with your own body weight or very light weights . It’s a combinations of muscle work, yoga, pilates and cardio.

So to track  my own 30 day progress I will  keep a diary on my experience . Follow my experience  in the coming weeks and I’ll reveal the end results.

My First day 

I took a Core fusion open class  on the upper east side.

The studios is located Inside an office building on Madison Ave. It’s very unsuspecting since it’s located in an  hotel like a few of the other NY locations.

I walked  into a calm spa like atmosphere. This  Exhale  location has a large retail floor of items from high end  skincare, active wear by exhale ,even House of Harlow shades were on display.

The open core fusion class was taught by Karen. Karen was very helpful in  explaining positions and repositioning me.

Once in the class I  realized how much you  need it,  repositioning and all. Highlights of  core fusion class included  ab work on the floor against mirror , which were killer . The ballet bar is essential to so many of the  class exercises .For example on the bar leg lifts look easy  but  become  very difficult because ..well we never stop lifting.

Talk about pain in the ass, thighs and burning burning abs.Sweat was starting to drip  and I feel like “I’m reshaping, reshaping” ! This was my  chant  to get me through the pain.

But Karen looked like she had rock hard abs ,so I focused on the end results and powered through the pain.

End of class was very rewarded with a hot shower. Core Fusion provides members with toiletries from the Exhale spa, shampoo, conditioner, body wash , shave gel, Q-tips  and even razors. You basically don’t need to bring much unless you have the time to luxuriate.

Unfortunately the steam work was out of order that day or I would have spent some much needed time in there.

The next  day I woke  up and my thighs, abs,  calves were sore like I just did a weight circuit !

Since that day I’ve taken more classes . Note, it does not get easier as with most workouts. Each trainer teaches differently, therefore your muscles get the same attention but the actual exercises  change constantly challenging your body  for faster results.

If you are wondering what exactly goes on in a core fusion class take a peak at this video.

Core Fusion workout

With Thanksgiving right around the corner Core Fusion will be a  refuge. Next week my progress marking  three weeks of classes will be official and I’ll post results. Though it seems  some progress has been derailed by recent press events I’ve attended (ie the NY Chocolate show post), so I’ll have to up the ante in the coming weeks.





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