Indulge in Chocolate from Carol’s Daughter

Tis the season of chocolate. It’s everywhere you look during the holiday season. Now thanks to Carol’s Daughter you can indulge your tresses in a chocolate delight.



The Chocolat Collection by Carol's Daughter


The new Chocolat Smoothing Collection was recently launched as a repairing collection for frizzy fried hair. The formula promises to tackle damaged hair and transform it. The secret ingredient is Kervais a hyper active plant protein that rebuilds hair by filling in lifted cuticles. Cacao extract ,vegetable protein and sunflower seed oil are other ingredients used throughout the product line.

Gift Idea : Dress up the Chocolat Collection in a box with your own customized M&Ms for a friend.


The Chocolat Collection includes :

ChocolÄt SMOOTHING SHAMPOO: Formulated with Amenolado Cacao sourced from Ecuador and West Africa, this replenishing shampoo gently cleanses with coconut-derived cleansers. Vegetable-derived protein acts like the natural Keratin in hair to strengthen and smooth each strand. $18


ChocolÄt SMOOTHING CONDITIONER: Cacao extract smoothes and vegetable protein rebuilds as Sunflower Seed Oil creates a high-shine, lightweight moisture seal for a sleek finish. $20


ChocolÄt SMOOTHING BLOW DRY CREAM: In addition to softening Cacao Extract and strengthening vegetable proteins, this blow dry formula harnesses the smoothing, reparative, shine-enhancing power of soy protein. $24



Carol’s Daughter Chocolät Smoothing Collection is available at Carol’s Daughter Stores,, Macy’s, Dillard’s and Regis Salons nationwide


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