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All about Eyes : BonLook,SEE ,TC Charlton, Oakley and Gant

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Sunglasses and prescription eyewear are two accessories that some of us can’t live without. Fortunately you have the choice of doing them all in one or separately.As an eyeglass wearer for life I search for the best.

Trends in eyewear now are so big and there are so many choices  Over the past few months I’ve come across some unique brands that have a lot to offer.

Prescription Eyes for those who know what they want

Bon Look frames

For those of you looking for a great deal look no further. I recently discovered BonTon look during Fashion week in NYC and was literally floored by the choices. I can’t think of another word but Hipster..because well they are soooo cool. is high end eyewear made from traditional Italian crafting. The owner actually took what she learned in Italy and created affordable stylish prescription eyewear you can purchase without ever leaving you home. There is even a section on the site to try on  each frame by uploading your photo .  Traditionals, vintage , and nerdy chic all can be found  here. A perfect fit is determined by entering in your  current fram dimensions. Choose frames by shape ,color , mens or womens add your prescription and viola. One prices gets you great thin lenses and frames with free delivery to your door.What’s not to love?


In Store Experience

SEE Eyewear Shops

SEE eyewear frames

The latest NYC store opened in Soho a few months back. SEE is an amazing assortment of frames to choose from. What I love about their frames is that you can’t find them anywhere else and some are limited editions. In addition when you buy a frame it’s a package deal the lenses come with it for one price ! This is unheard of for the quality and the in store experience. something we don’t get enough of anymore .Try on as many frames as you like I promise you will leave with something . Here is video from my friends at Style Music TV SEE Soho opening


Shelley and Richard Golden SEE founders at the Soho grand opening


Specialized frames for the Ethnic features 

TC Charton

TC Charton Asian fit frames

Asians , Blacks and Hispanics all have features unique to each race. Speaking as one of them I know how challenging it can be to find frames that fit just right. Most eyewear frames are designed with a Caucasian face in mind which present a challenge when fitting.  During 360 Style’s accessories lounge at Fashion Week I found TC Charton frames, geared towards Asian faces that have a certain type of nose bridge. The owner of the brand is of Chinese descent and she noticed how glasses “just don’t fit us the same way” designer Alexandra Peng Charton said. After working in the industry designing frames for more than 15 years  she created a line that would stay on to avoid the constant push back. Personally I find myself doing this all the time and was relieved to know there is solution.


Just Sunnies

What a lot of people may not realize is that Oakley actually has a line of sunglasses and prescription glasses. In fact you can get your prescription lenses fitted for a pair of Oakleys. This is what I found out when I went to a preview. If you love big frames from Oakley these are a must have


The Oakley Beckon frame in Sapphire

GANT is primarily know for their men’s wear frames but they have a line of women’s eyewear as well. This springs sunnies are accessorized with animal print and charms .

Olivia Frame from Gant



Camille frame from GANT

What ever your eyewear situation one of these will fit you vision.




Technology and the Fashionista: 3 Gadgets that make life easier

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I know it’s been a while since the last tech post. I’ve been trying out some cool gadgets and needed a few weeks to really evaluate them on all my uses. This month I am featuring three items that every Tech diva should consider to make her life easier.

The Pop Phone by Native Union


Pop Phone by Native Union

I remember seeing Pop phones for the first time in The NY Post and Lenny Kravitz was walking down the street carrying one to his ear while talking on his Iphone ever so casually. I thought”Lenny was on that street I was just there yesterday! then, what is this phone attachment and where can I get one?”.At the time it looked so strange but in familiar way.It’s like coming home after you’ve moved out from the rents. Fast forward a year or so later and us mere mortals including I have finally nabbed one in Cobalt blue.  I aboslutley love it ! Talking on it is a throw back to the good old days of an actual home phone .Remember those?  But it is comfortable and everyone could hear you clearly no feedback, no static. I’ve been using it with  and IPad 2, HTC Trophy , and a Macbook.

This is why you need it :  

  • It reduces 99% of the cell phone radiation,so your only doing your pretty self a favor by using one
  • It turns any device into an instant telephone (tablet, computer, etc)
  • It works with any cell phone or smartphone  with usable adaptors
Why You’ll keep using it 
  • It’s perfect for skyping , and google talk
  • It’s comes in a variety of stylish colors that will add a coolness factor to any conversation. While people look on wondering where you got it .(the vanity factor)
  • The best part is you can order it online here for $29.90!
SOUL Elelctronics by  Ludacris
I was curious about these after taking a quick  listen during the  Carerra Rooftop Escape event last summer by  LFPmediagroup. And coming from Ludacris, someone who is in the music world as an artist and producer it’s got to be safe bet the sound quality would be high. I was was right. But first the packaging is superb.  The Soul Electronics headset and  ear buds come equipped with sleek durable carrying cases and extra utilities.

SL199 ear buds by SOUL electronics

I’ve used  the SL99 ear buds ($99.)for a month now and love them.  They can be packed away safely when not in use. They are durable and keep their shape. The sound is loud and clear ! The sound is consistent  quality even after of month of shannigans in my purse. Be careful not to blow out your eardrums.  My only issue is that the actual buds seem to have hard time  staying  the ears. I’m constantly pushing them back in. So this may be my own issue but I’ve changed the size of the buds and it still happens . Small price to pay for good buds though.

Large carrying case for the SL150BW

The convenience  factor : SOUL ear buds are the perfect fit and with their own case I no longer worry about “the tangle”destroying my  ear buds buy wrapping them around my IPod. This translates to longer wear and less money spent on ear buds in the long run.  I found them compatible  with these devices  IPAD2, Macbooks, Iphone 4G , and HTC Trophy windows phone which made my life so much easier.

SL150BW on ear headset by SOUL Electronics

Then I tried the SL150BW headsets ($199.) The sleek design is perfect for the feminine head. They  not too big and they are very comfortable. The SL 150’s  fold up easily to fit into the case and in your purse.The case even has a hook you can attach to your belt loop , handbag or whatever. Most of us techie chicks are carrying a few items  daily (IPAD , camera, smart phone and charger) so this is just one more compact item to add to your experience.  The SL 150BW also comes with in-line Remote Control and Standard Straight Audio Cable .Personally I found them preferable  for at home use since they are larger. But that’s just me. Sound wise , they are phenomenal! The clear crisp sound blocks out all other noise . These are exactly the headphones  that you need on a long flight with screaming babies . You won’t hear a thing unless you want to.

Giveaway: Harley-Davidson Boots

Monday, March 5th, 2012

For a moment let’s indulge our inner biker girl and think about how great you would look on a Harley or even better in a pair of Harley -Davidson Boots. I am excited to team up with the good people at Harley -Davidson Footwear to give one lucky girl a free pair of boots from the new Lifestyle Collection for women. These boots aren’t just made for walking. The tough,durable leather and excellent fit will keep your feet comfortable as well.  And style is just what you make it because there are so many options.  If  you want to check out more styles go to for the full collection.

Here are a few styles from the Harley Davidson Lifestyle Collection below.

How to Enter:

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The winner will be chosen on the afternoon of Saturday March 10th via twitter. Good Luck!



Dulcie Brown boot

Ayda Brown



Going to bed with Sofia Vergara and the Kardashians

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Look whose snipping a Martha’s heels.This spring brings the launch of exciting spring launches for the home at Sears and Kmart. New home collections by Kardashian Kollection for Sears and Sofia by Sofia Vergara for Kmart. This may be the closest you’ll get to the bedroom of a starlet so take note. Luxurious embroidery, beading and rich fabric are all present in both collections. Since Sofia and the Kardashion’s already have lucrative fashion and accessory lines the natural progression is home furnishings.Thinking about spicing up the bedroom? Here are a few ideas that may get you going.

Here’s a peak at Sofia by Sofia Vergara Home Collection for Kmart launching in April nationwide.($14.99- $109.00)


Sofia by Sofia Vergara Home Collection


Sofia by Sofia Vergara Home Collection


Here is a peak at the Kardashian Kollection bedding for Sears launching in April also.

Kardashian Kollection home


Kardashian Kollection home


Check in with your local stores or go to and