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Arganmagic for the thrifty girl

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Ladies all over love this magic oil from the Morocco. It has been credited with repairing hair and skin for hundreds of years. Until now it usually came with a hefty price tag through some of the better known brands.

Well  that is all changing.Introducing ArganMagic.

This is a wonderful  line of quality Argan oil products with intoxicating scents like Orange blossom and pomegranate.

What’s so great about Argan Magic ? Well for one the brand  offers hair and skin products to hydrate and moisturize. All of the products are made with 100% pure cold pressed Argan oil .Cold pressed is a more expensive way to expel the oil. It’s the only way to  keep the fatty acids in check. And best of all you can find them at CVS.  .

Argan Magic exclusively launched the following at CVS

ArganMagic Hair Mask

Restorative Hair Mask $10.49

ArganMagic nourishing hair creme

Nourishing Hair Cream $8.29 ( a  personal favorite)

Intensive Hair oil  $10.49

Try it for yourself at and use this code till 6/1/11 for %15 off your order