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Wondering How to wear a bra? Check out the Bra Book

Monday, March 14th, 2011

When I got the invitation in I wondered what this was all about. If you ever wondered weather or not you were wearing the right bra size look no further than The Bra Book.

Style expert and author  Jene Luciani decided it was time to inform!. Last Friday night amid the torrid ran I braved the storm and headed to the Charles Hotel in NYC to check out the launch party for Jene ‘s new book which was  hosted by Bravo.

Celebs like Kat de Luna were in attendance to cheer her on. Jene herself was wearing the first dress entirely made of bras ,200 to be exact! Yes you are reading that correctly .See for yourself. The dress was designed by Project Runways Chris March exclusively for the event . And as luck would have it the DJ and chef turned out to be the same person. DJ “Chef” Weiss. Hey who says men can’t multi -task?

Jene Luciani at the Bra Book launch party

Kat de Luna at the Bra Book launch party

Upstairs in  the VIP room I took a look at some pieces from  my new jewlery crush  toujour , Chelsea Taylor .So much bling without the bang to the pockets.  The rings, earings and bracelets  are beautifully crafted for the modern  girl the go. I can’t wait to rock a pair of Chelsea Taylor earrings ! Guest sipped on Nuvo cocktails and were able to check out the Bra Book on the  new  Barnes and Noble No0k color e -book reader, snack on  candy by Oh la la Candy , Pop chips and get massages by Oasis Day spa.

Chelsea Taylor bling Love it!

Oh La La Candy at the Bra Book launch party