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Healthy FoodFete Favorites

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

A few weeks ago I attended my first Food Fete event in NYC. Basically a gathering of unique food brands focusing on healthy options .As summer is just around the corner it was perfectly fitting to look into some healthier foods options to compliment that new summer body I’m coveting.

Attempting to get a work out in whenever possible by walking , biking or straight gym workouts requires energy. As a foodie knowing what’s available and accessible is really important.

That being said I was able to find some great snacks and food products that will help  trim the fat and still keep the taste buds happy. These are going to be in your local grocery soon  if not already.


Food Fete Favs

Somersaults sunflower seed snacks are delicious. They are offered in several flavors so you can please all of your cravings. Just perfect for a crunchy snack with very little fat and super tasty.

Somersaults sunflower seed goodness


I recently found out more that I ever thought I would about Figs. But besides fig newtons have never had one till Food Fete. An excellent source of fiber can be found at California Figs.

California Figs


Salad is on the top of my list of favorite healthy meals . Earthbound  Farms is one of the best brands for organic fresh greens. The have a new Power Meal  coming to stores that includes cranberry and wheat protein. This is perfect  for an after workout meal. They also introduced the new herb purees .These can last up to 3 months! There are four varieties Chopped Fresh Basil,  Chopped Fresh Cilantro , Chopped Fresh dill and Crushed Fresh Chilli Pepper.

Chopped Fresh Cilantro herb puree

With all of this healthy food knowledge I’m happily looking forward to the next Food Fete!