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A Delicious Day at the New York Chocolate Show

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I know your wondering about all of these food posts. But with the holidays just around the corner a PrettyCity chic has got to get her home entertainment game up. So grab a pen and take some notes for you next holiday event .

I think most of us love chocolate some more than others . That’s why I wanted to share The  NY Chocolate show highlights  and gifts ideas  for loved ones.

Chocoholics take note !

The  New York Chocolate show graced us with delectable goodies in dark , milk and white chocolate.

It was an event  to overdose on chocolate . There were samples of bars , hot chocolate, chocolate wines,organic coco , Cookies and other baked goods.Think trick or treating for adults. Btw if this existed when I was a kid as a young chocholic,my parents would have never heard the end of it.

Chocolate Wine


On that note, I found some alternatives to sugary chocolate that will fix your fix. Here’s my top picks to try.

Don Q rum


Don Q rep demonstrating a chocolate cocktail recipe

No it’s not chocolate but it can be added to it . This booth offered guests  sample cocktails thoughout the show . On the day I went it was a passion fruit rum drink and a kokolo (coconut) mixed drink. Mixologist from Don Q  were on hand  to give out ideas on creating the perfect chocolate holiday cocktail. Find more recipes here  Your holiday guests will be glad you did.

(Photos above taken with the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone)

Gnosis chocolate

Fmale owned healthy and organic . I think I’ve found my soul mate here. Well,  I had the pleasure of meeting Owner Vanessa Barg  who was on hand to tell guests a bit about Gnoisis process.

” Our brand goes beyond fair trade. We take it a step further and work directly with the cocao farmers” said Barg

Gnosis Aphrodisia bar

All of their delicious bars made with agave and herbs . Each bar has a special purpose  infused  such as aphrodisiacs, energy, immune support , and feminine health. Want to give the gift of good for you chocolate? Check the Gnosis website for their annual gift sets.

American Heritage Ground Drinking Chocolate

American Heritage 

Hot coco anyone? This is a staple for chocoholics in the winter .American Heritage produces finely grounded drinking chocolate using a old 18TH CENTURY recipe. Ground and spiced with all natural cinnamon anatto,anise,nutmeg,vanilla,orange,red pepper just a tad of salt.the taste is pure rich coco sans milk and extras. This is for purist only. More information is here 

Not a coco drinker, try any variety of chocolate teas from Spicesand Tease . The createurs de saveurs booth was  filled with culinary  herbs, spices and teas for more than your sweet tooth. Their store front is on the upper west side in NYC.



In addition to delicious chocolate at every corner , guest were able to view the latest garments from the Chocolate fashion show held  last Wednesday night. Each piece was a collaborations  between a  chef and fashion designer . Each garment is not entirely made of chocolate but rather mostly constructed with chocolate or chocolate accents. This brings edible clothing to a whole other level!

These photos were taken with the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone. This phone rocks!

The chocolate Follies showgirl


Chocolate Morticia

Doesn’t this scream Cher circa 1980’s ?

50's Playbill dress