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Is Your Bucket List The Key to Finding the one ? NY Dating expert Siggy Flicker thinks so

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014



At the recent  Product n press (Thx Jono !) event called XOXO Share the Love ($35-$55) launching the new fragrance XOXO Luv  just in time for Valentine’s Day .  I had the chance to meet New York’s top matchmaker and dating expert Siggy Flicker. Siggy is beautiful inside and out as her positive energy radiated throughout her candid conversations with all of the media gals.

Her show on VH1 ‘Why am I still single ” was on a few years ago. I never saw it but you can quickly  get caught up by checking out VH1 .com

As a relationship and dating expert you can imagine this is a busy time of year with Valentines day coming up. So I asked Siggy about her new ventures in love and dating.

She  told me she has a new show coming up and a new book this year. It’s hush hush for now but I can’t wait to hear more about it. If you  haven’t seen her shows previously perhaps you’ve seen Siggy  bring her match makings skills to  daytime via  Wendy Wlliams ,Dr.Phil, and Access Hollywood just to name a few. Some  the major players in daytime  have sought her  advice for their shows so I’m certainly wondering how she may be able to assist you readers.

In between  breakfast and  mimosas I asked Siggy about dating for the singles and how get through the coupledom of the V-Day holiday. She gave a lot of great tips.Turns out your bucket  list may be the key to meeting your new soulmate


Siggy and I at the XOXO breakfast

Siggy and I at the XOXO #Sharethelove breakfast

Siggy’s Valentines Day tips for the  newly single

  • Find love within yourself , it  makes your sexy
  • Create your bucket list and engage in your passions to meet new people.
  • Valentines day is about loving yourself
  • There are more single people out there than people in relationship
  • Enjoy being single ,be glad  ” I’m so happy I’m not with some crazy mf#$%!” Amen!
  • Do something you’ve  never really done:  Make a list  of these 5 things to do on Valentine’s day
  • Indulge yourself and love yourself  and celebrate the fact that your single


Of course I had to find out some of Siggy’s beauty secrets. According to her make up artist @Glossipgirl  Siggy ‘s look is classic with neutrals. Think Sophen Loren nude lips and defined smoky eyes.  She prefers brands like Make Up Forever and M.A.C  to create her looks .



What I’m wearing 

Fur Vest -vintage bought in LA

Glasses – Alain Mikli prescription 

Skirt- Tracey Reese

Jewlery -Loft 

Tights – Hanes 



100 Percent Pure

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Fashionably Tech: Tech for the Fashion Forward

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Its’ 2014 so it’s time to upgrade your technology for the better.  Upgrade your chances of being noticed .


Are you a tech start up ? 

Your  fashionable tech start up may benefit from attending Wantering


Join Wantering, an alumni of CTA@NYC which is an innovative initiative of the Consulate General of Canada that offers Canada’s most promising tech start-ups an opportunity to benefit from tailored mentoring program to accelerate growth in the United States and globally, in celebrating fashion’s love for Tumblr with an intimate evening of Tumblr Talks from some of fashion’s most influential social media and digital experts. Wantering’s “Fashion <3 Tumblr” panel event will be held on Jan. 29th at Projective Space, from 6:30-8:30pm. For panel details and tickets head over to:

About Wantering
WANTERING is a fashion discovery tool that allows its visitors to discover and buy clothing from across a curated list of boutiques, flash sales sites, and major retailers all in one place. Its algorithm tracks and analyzes trending products across the social web.


Communicating More effectively  

NOKIA 1520

Recently launched it has been the dubbed the  Phablet for several reasons. If you have a love for Nokia like I do this latest Windowsphone may be the answer to your prayers. It’s a slim 6 inch full HD  screen with 20 megapixel camera . The camera is equipped to take pro cam shots and smartphone photos . It comes with a wireless charger. No more plugging up unless you want to!  With Windows Black  Notices can be seen without awaking the phone  Take a look at the Nokia Video for more information .@nokiaus


Nokia 1520



Grooming made easier

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

image001 (4)


For him :

Phillips Norelco water resistant , turbo powered  grooming kit  ($69.99) This is a 9 piece kit great for grooming and trimming the face and body.For the ladies Phillips Bikini Perfect Trimmer ($39.99)is a winner . Get a quick clean shave  wet or dry .

Both will make someone very happy and very smooth.







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BonLook Back to School

Show your love on Valentine’s day with heart friendly cookies

Thursday, January 26th, 2012


Belle Chevre 's new Valentine's Day cookie


Who doesn’t love cookies especially on Valentine’s Day.

They are second only to chocolate my other  favorite dessert.

Well this season  I’m  looking  out for some Beautylicous desserts for Valentines Day. I don’t particularly think of goat cheese as um  sexy? But some how the chefs at Belle Chevre  Cheese company have created cookies with artisan goat cheese frosting and made it so. I imagine it’s no different in taste than say cream cheese frosting on carrot cake. And that is some good stuff. Belle Chevere introduced a whole line of artisan goat cheese cookies just  in time for the holiday.

Here’s the skinny:

•    They are made with local, artisan ingredients (the chevre, eggs, and often the milk). •    Goat cheese and milk is a healthier alternative to cow’s milk products (less fat, calories; more protein and nutrients), i.e. cream cheese or milk-based frostings.

•    These cookies are one-of-a-kind, and you can feel good about them.

I can’t wait for a taste.  Try them on your sweetie!