Meet the prettiest blogger in town

January 13th, 2010 by carolyn

That’s you! We’re so excited to invite you to help us test out or new beauty bloggin’ feature designed to spotlight the beauty experts – and addicts – who are also loyal PrettyCity readers.

To start your blog, click on the “New Blog” link at the bottom left hand side of the page (under the heading META). You’ll need a good understanding of how to blog; our blogs are built on WordPress¬† so most of you with any bloggin’ experience will find the template pretty similar to what you’ve used in the past.

WARNING- your blog is not private; it’s for public consumption and if we love it, we just may feature it on our sites, newsletters, banners and more. So do dish, but be proud of what you write… you never know who might read it!

I’ve already started my own blog, Everyday Glamour. Check it out here–¬†

I hope my blog inspires you to start your own blog and share what’s in that pretty little head of yours with the rest of us!

xoxox, Carolyn