Braza Bra Strap Keepers & Magic Clips

Recently, I caught up on a few episodes of my fave daytime soap Y&R. Several of the female actresses were wearing tanks and/or dresses and sporting their bra straps in full view. I go back and forth on that look. Jennifer Love Hewitt showed her bra straps at a premiere event. Pink and Gwen Stefani have performed with their bra straps showing and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City) shows her bra straps. I think it is a hard look to pull off and for the few who do it right, many do it wrong. They do it really wrong! I prefer to stay away from the look altogether. With some styles of clothing bra straps are bound to show. Here’s a solution. You can use Braza Strap Keepers to keep your straps out of sight. They come in narrow and wide. They will keep your straps where you want them to be. They work with cowl and boat necks, tank tops and more. Braza’s Magic Clip is a great little accessory gadget also. You attach it to the back of your bra straps. It will perk up your boobs, help with your posture and works great with racer back T’s and sports bras. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house. If you doubt the look of your bra straps showing either change your top or use one of the Braza products and solve the problem!

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