Which fragrance is for you?

Department store fragrance counters are full of women’s fragrances that boast ingredients such as sweet freesia, orange flower, Cherry Blossom, fresh ginger, black cherry, white Neroli blossom, Vanilla Orchid, sandalwood and more. You’ll find colognes, perfumes, Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum. There are sprays, roll, oils and solids. How do you decide on which one is right for you? First think about the smells that you are naturally attracted two. Secondly get the help of a trained professional. Try the perfume on your skin. Trying it on the little strips of paper that are sometimes offered can be deceiving. Body chemistry plays a huge role in how a scent smells on you. The fragrance needs to mix with your own personal scent. The same fragrance will smell differently on different people. Never try more than two fragrances at the same time, although it is best to try just one. Spray the fragrance on your wrists and walk away. You can not judge the scent of a fragrance just seconds after you try it. Be patient. Wait 10 to 20 minutes and smell your wrists. You may want to wait even longer to see how long the scent lasts.

There is a great selection of fragrances on store shelves these days. Here are two that are getting rave reviews; Award winning Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid pulse point oil containing notes of sheer jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa mood, and pink peony. A full set contains vials of oils for morning, daytime, evening and bedtime. The price is $95 for a four piece complete set with a leather case. The refill set is $60 and there is a Limited Edition two vial set for $43. Halle by Halle Berry Pure Orchid spray is a sensual floral woody fragrance from Coty Beauty. It comes in a glass bottle with an embossed pattern of waves and sand and the Halle logo. The price points are $17 – $28

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