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From Summer to Fall. Does my skin even know the difference?

You bet your brown spots your skin knows! Seasonal transition is definitely something our skin will have an effect from. Due to the weather, free radicals, UVA, UVB, air pollution…etc., our skin can become extremely dull and dehydrated and start showing more signs of the damage that was caused during our summer days in the sun. Cooler, dryer weather is undoubtedly the time to start preventing any further damage to your skin, and start repairing what damage has already been caused. Even if you protected your skin throughout summer with sunscreens and hats, damage still occurs. This is the perfect time to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

The holidays are just around the corner, now is the time to start amping up your skin care regimen and feeling great about your skin! Don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself plenty of time so your skin can adjust and have optimal results by the time your holiday parties come around. There are so many fun and exciting treatments out right now for all skin types! You can’t turn back time, but you can definitely get on the road to healthy skin!

I’ve always said, “The most important thing you will wear all year is your skin, make it Healthy Skin!”
Scheduling an appointment with your licensed Esthetician is a great way to start the seasons right. By doing this your skincare specialist can help you determine your skin type and recommend products that best suit your skin needs. Ingredients are key, and your esthetician is trained to help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin not only in the treatment room, but at home too!

From Summer to Acne. Why don’t I breakout this much in Summer!?

Summer is pretty much over. The transition of the seasons has begun causing a noticeable effect on your complexion. The chaotic pressures of school starting again, having to get back to fighting traffic, dry cold weather, all these things cause stress, and when the stress is high, the skin reacts. It’s easy to overlook the fact that along with the crazy traffic and stressful work and school schedules your skin will suffer causing you even more stress resulting in acne breakouts.

In some instances the UV rays from the sun can actually help to control breakouts. It can be a little pimple or it can be several big ones! Most people just can’t resist taking matters into their own finger tips. You’re only human. We look for the quick fix, not thinking of what the consequences can be! I’ve had patients that pick, use needles, use safety pins, or whatever other sharp objects they can find, and about 95 percent of the time when they come to me, there is still bacteria stuck under the skin! We just cannot extract ourselves properly it doesn’t work! Picking causes trauma to the skin, from redness and dark spots to inflammation and scarring. It can even cause the acne to spread. Don’t self treat! Self treating with some home remedies can be risky and damage your skin. Like toothpaste! Big NO NO, unless you want a nice red or dark mark left on your face. Toothpaste can burn the skin. Don’t do it! There are hundreds of home remedies you can try, but be sure to use caution and research any reactions or side effects that can occur. Don’t be afraid to call your skincare specialist, dermatologist or esthetician for any remedies you can try at home. (You may not get an answer over the phone if you’re not already established with her/him)

The solution? Think about it.

The amount you spend on creams, cleansers and soaps looking for something that works for you can add up quickly! You try one cleanser after another, one moisturizer after another, Sun Screens, mask’s, pads, spot treatments, remedies, everything adds up! Has is treated the problem? Maybe? Has it made it worse? It’s possible.

You can see a licensed professional, trained to extract properly and that can recommend the products that can work for your skin type. By seeing your licensed Esthetician/Skincare Specialist and Dermatologist, and getting the proper topical treatments as well as facial treatments you can help fight acne breakouts. Acne treatments will focus on controlling inflammation and preventing or addressing issues of hyperpigmentation and scarring , treatments that get you back to healthier, clearer , more stress free skin. No matter what your age, gender, or skin type, professional acne treatments can work for you and improve your over all skin health. This goes for all parts of the body. Acne isn’t just on your face. It can occur on the back, chest, arms and other unmentionable places.

Don’t be afraid to interview your esthetician first. Best to get a referral to someone trusted by a friend or Doctor. Not just any esthetician is qualified at doing proper extractions!

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