Mother’s day, her birthday, anniversary or just because…


Hey guys, listen up. Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  A loving massage given with your loving, sexy hands is probably not the first thing that your kids’ Mom is expecting from you. Maybe you feel a little awkward about presenting such a gift. But, believe me, she will love it (for Mother’s Day, her birthday, anniversary or just because) ! An hour of your time and loving touch may be her best gift ever. Here’s what to do: First choose a quality massage oil candle like KM Fantasy Euphoric Coconut, Luscious Lemon Souffle or my “Fave” Arousing Chocolate Mint. They are made with all-natural top-grade soy and jojoba oils and the wax warms up to the perfect temperature. Light it to set the mood and fill the room with a wonderful aroma (I suggest 20 minutes), then snuff the wick, drizzle it on her and massage it in. You can drizzle it on your own hands first. I love that she can light the candle any time later and bring back a perfect memory. Each candle has 25 – 28 hours of burn time. Note: Before massaging, make sure your hands are clean and warm, and your nails are trimmed. Check out the complete line of KM Fantasy products. Tidbit: Many believe that the art of massage was first practiced around 3000 BC!

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