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Dr. Murad is my favorite teacher!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Dr. Murad is my favorite teacher at Murad’s Reform School for Aging Skin. Yes! I said “aging skin” and “my” in the same sentence. Murad’s Age Reform line of skin care products are designed to reform and reveal younger looking skin by targeting the effects of genetic aging. As with all of Murad’s products, the formulas are rooted in the Science of Cellular Water, a proprietary system for optimizing cell hydration & overall skin health. Murad’s Complete Reform with Glyco Firming Complex gets an A+ in my book! The other products in Murad’s Age Reform line passed the test too! Check out Murad’s website to see what they are and how they do it!

Lemon, Spruce, Lavender, Sage & Rosemary

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Lemon Bath, Spruce Bath, Lavender Bath, Sage Bath & Rosemary Bath. You’ll get them all in Dr.Hauschka Aromatherapy Bath Kit. My “Fave”, so far, is the Sage Bath. It’s really refreshing and a makes a great foot bath after a long day walking the beauty shows. The Lavender is very calming, Lemon really perks me up and the Norway Spruce has a unique pine fragrance. I have not tried the Rosemary yet but I will this weekend…ahhhh…the weekend and a Rosemary Bath. That’s heavenly!

Tända Clear

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Actress Emma Stone plays Olive Pengerghast in the teen blockbuster Easy A but she does not play with her skin! She takes good skin care seriously and uses Tända Clear to get a flawless face for her on-screen performances. Each year 85% of teens experience pimples and acne breakouts. Developed to gently and effectively treat acne with LED light therapy, the Tända Clear device is a proven way for teens to get and keep clear complexions. You can even customize the device with limited-edition tändaSKINS™…now that’s cool! I am not a teen and mine isn’t customized, but I use it and continue to be amazed by the results!

Dr. Murad’s Clean Scene

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Craving for Clean, Gaga for Glow, Crazy for Clear, Down for Defense & Begging for Balance are the five products in the NEW Clean Scene brand of products by Murad. The packaging and formulas are geared toward the young adults who are loving these products! Murad boasts the newest super-fruit, the Yumberry as a prime ingredient in the formulations. The Yumberry is a Chinese fruit packed with powerful antioxidants. It keeps skin balanced and protected. It’s never to early to take care of your skin so get on it now with these yummy Clean Scene products. They are available exclusively at Sephora and