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Heading Outdoors

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
This week my husband & I wanted to do something fun with our family to spend some quality time, so we took a 1 tank trip (or maybe less than 1 tank) and headed out to Dover Stables where one can go horseback riding and pay by the hour. After riding we then drove to Hillsborough River State Park where you can do nature hikes, canoeing or biking. We decided to try canoeing, must say it was a little adventure to remember and our family had a great time. But, the best part was
bonding time spent with animals and nature at a fraction of the cost we would have paid to go to a theme park. In thinking about that day, I thought it to be a good idea to share an idea of some things you can wear when you’re headed outdoors.

Zigi, Kenneth Jay Lane, Tory Burch, Issa, Naot Footwear
  • Loosely fitted, light & breezy tops when the heat is on
  • Rompers are easiest for an All-in-1 look ,add boots for hiking
  • Weather proof duck shoes in case of wetlands, always comfy sandals flat or heeled in case you’re seen elsewhere
  • Protect your face from sunbeam damage with a hat
  • Top off such laid back style with a bright tote


Take Those Stubborn Inches Off

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Days are warming up here in Florida, and while I stop to smell the blooming roses this time of year, here come the thoughts of summer, beach, sand, pool, and more. But am I ready for all the new adventures? Not quite, since my workout routine took about a 1 month hiatus. Needless to say, I’ve begun the exercise but I needed a quick boost and more so an incentive to stay consistent; so I scheduled an appointment at a quaint spa, A Caring Touch Skin Therapy.  The reason being, to get a body firming & toning wrap.  Despite, the many opinions about this wrap I was advised it works.  This type of body wrap is designed to give a lending hand to those parts of your bod where it cannot burn fat properly on it’s own nor rid you of toxins that otherwise remain stuck underneath your shell.

Owner, Rhonda McDaniels greeted me with a form to complete from skin issues to eating habits, as it’s important to know in order for her to determine your needs and fulfill them for your skin or body.  I was then directed into the treatment room where she begins by explaining the process:

Step 1: Measurements are taken of the arms, midriff, stomach, hips, thighs, calves in order to track any loss after the wrap treatment is done
Step 2: An allover body scrub, to open skin pores and activate the lymphatics
Step 3: Cotton cloth pieces are soaked in warm water and wrapped around you from shoulder to ankles
Step 4: You’re covered in thin foil paper plus sheets to preserve the warmth while waiting 35-40 minutes in dim lighting and relaxation sounds

During the waiting time, Rhonda proceeds to give me a facial massage in key areas which will also awaken the lymphatics. Time passed all too quickly, as the cloths were removed and measurements were re-taken when, to my surprise I’d lost a total of 13.5 inches overall. Even more so thrilled about the 4.5 I’d lost in my hip & thigh area alone!
My skin felt smoother and the appearance of minor cellulite appear no more. I am totally pleased with the results of just 1 treatment, although at least 4 are recommended if you want to achieve more.
May I also advise? Do try the body wrap as a quick solution for wearing that shapely dress that’s been waiting in your closet to a night out on the town. A Caring Touch Skin Therapy lived up to its name, giving kind, professional service by Rhonda who says she truly enjoys helping others reach their body image goals.
Browse to see all of the other treatments & services offered.

location:1316 E Lumsden Road Brandon, FL 33511

Miami Beach International Fashion Week March 5th, 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011
It was day 3 of the events but for me,day 2. After learning the process of getting your media passes from the previous day everything else went smoothly, except I had only gotten 6 hours of sleep and a couple of hours of R&R, not much time for some fun right? Well I traveled for a purpose and that was to be
at MBIFW without missing a beat…There were 3 shows on the night of 3/5 surely to be fun to watch.  The 1st show was 1hr late but this tends to be a normality in fashion shows, so I took my seat on the 3rd row as I thought to myself, “Not too shabby”.

Over some noteworthy tunes it was off to a good start with the Pret-aPorter Style Showcase.  I decided I’d tell you about my favorites featured in the 1st show of the night, which were:

Eccentric Apparel who opened getting tons of “Awwws” from viewers when models stepped into the runway with dogs dressed in tees, shirts and dresses made for the cutest creatures we know.  “Pets fight to wear them” as their slogan, it couldn’t be more appropriate for the items they were toting.  I was pleasantly surprised with the start of the shows.

Ready-to-wear line, Luxxe Collections seconds the motion to cool casuals incorporating animal prints, light, breezy ankle length wraps, yoga pants that are wearable from the gym to a shopping spree; Must not forget, a very fly super wide belt.  Next came the mini top hat, a new accessory trend seen since the fall season yet still doable.

Boston Proper another fab ready-to-wear line is exactly what a Florida summer wardrobe looks like. Available for purchase via catalog or online, I would highly recommend the 30something gal who cares for glamour in her life to try the white suit, variety of colors, statement necklines or classy swimwear from the Boston Proper line.

Mariella Allaix stands out from the pack bringing all woven fabricated dresses, with accents of bright hues. Different, yet fresh classy and very femme urban wear, including textured swimsuits you would not wear to just lay out in.

As some mingled at the sponsor lounges, more people arrived to catch the 2nd sold out show, Latino Showcase where Adriana De Moura, from the Desperate Housewives of Miami was going to prove that she can work a catwalk just as well as the rest of them.

Giovanni Scutaro, Venezuela begins the next set of exhibitions in very high class gowns, made in silks, satin and chiffons. The type you might catch Sophia Vergara bearing at another celebrity awards show.  The preeminent array of colors of lime, blush pink, metallic, even royal blue were absolutely superlative of such a capable designer. The character of his collection representing Venus. If you spot a sudden glorious cluster of dresses in your local shops beware, it could be Mr Scutaro’s.

Claudia Bertolero, Peru followed up introducing cropped, wide leg pants yet mixing velvet & tweed into her looks.

Marcelo Quadros of Brazil drew eyes wide open due to his ever so alluring night gowns, attached to them were delicate beaded straps. But then, he marvels everyone with the famous LBD (little black dress) After seeing how haute these LBD’s were, my first thought was, “LA needs Marcelo!”

Eduardo Gonzalez, Columbia seemed he captured a love for sequin and lace channeling romance when adding the two fibers to all of his ladies’ styles; But, Frederico Visuetti created silk and velvet men’s suits with the most unexpected shades of purple and gold. For women he flaunts an entirely beaded skirt, as well as wool, open backs on dresses which are usually most flirtatious.  Last, demonstrating a sheer swimsuit that covers but still allows rays to seep through for those who love to bronze.

Miamian’s (people who live in Miami, per wiki-answers) consider the night to still be young when the 3rd and last show kicks off around 11ish…

Blue Island by Madelaine Morel just about gave me a toothache when the cutest child models conquered the runway in nothing but French inspired bright and flower embellished, shift style dresses. For the boys, nautical stripes, shorts plus button downs. Clothing made for the classy, fun loving parents, oops! I mean, the kids. Not to forget the handbags, sandals and headbands to match the girl’s outfits. Do I hear shopping spree with my little princess?

It wouldn’t be a fashion week without the shoes, when Paulina Anda displays her Makiatto designs served in rich hues, from red cowgirl boots to hot purple dress sandals. A one of a kind compilation, widely recognized in Venezuela.

Ana Carolina Valencia crafted a singular type of blending textures in white based designs each knitted with fringe, beading for decor. I learned she developed her techniques involving local artisans of Columbia. However, Ana can also dominate a captivating drape on a dress that will easily entice a shopper. Finally, Paulina Bedoya shone under the spotlights when her sketches paced the foot way in this season’s flowers in conjunction to frilly frocks, saturated in satin. A great closer to one of the most fashion frenzied evenings at Miami Beach International Fashion Week.

It was refreshing to know that there’s so much more out there to choose from, allowing us to continue to develop style in correspondent to who we are.  I hope to return next year for stupendous amounts of vogue fashion.

Photography by: Wil Lugo-