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The Eyes Have It

Thursday, January 24th, 2013
Made a trip to the salon. Not for a blow dry or hair cut. Just to get eye lash extensions which to my suprise they turned out
looking amazing! Completely worth my while as much as the cost for fuller, thicker, long batty lashes.  It took about 2 hrs, as I laid comfy on the table listening to the relaxing sounds of worship music. The lashes do last well over 2 weeks if you care for them as instructed.  For a more dramatic look, applying mascara is OK on the upper part of the lash.
Could eyelash extensions be another way to update your style? Yes it is. Anything that enhances your overall appearance.
AFTER FYI: raw images, no makeup added, no filters, no photo-shop
Keep in mind, lash extensions must be applied correctly by a professional expert in order to have a yours truly, natural effect.
Thank You Tareon Alvarez.
My eyes now have it! Visit Tareonandco for services and booking

Fall Nail Color Raves

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

I’m raving about the latest new fall colors I’ve grabbed from the beauty section, without thinking twice.

A noticeable hue on your nails can be the simplest update for your fall look.

Fuschia in Matte polish is still in style called Dream On

My all time fave this season a deep green called Last Chance

 Polishes by Sinful Colors


3 Tips For Getting Celebrity Like Hair

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Truly I share, that my hair is precious to me. One of those things you just have to treasure and one of those things that will make you smile when it looks amazing. But, we know that getting the same hair styles as celebrities can be difficult. Well I have some ideas of how to get that look.

On a recent trip to do some maintenance on my hair I visited a familiar and friendly place known as Salon Alvarez. Owned by professional hair stylist Tareon Alvarez, this salon was built on hard work, passion and drive. Now in business for 7 years, it’s a popular beauty spot for the ladies in the South Tampa area.

Once I sat down, Tareon quickly makes an assessment on the needs of my hair since I last visited a salon. She then proceeded to start with combing thru a Mizani pre-scalp care treatment ending with a soothing massage, all in one. During the entire visit, I received an upload of hair education 101 when I learned some surprisingly great tips on maintaining my own hair. After a wash and trim, I got a superb blow dry touched up by a titanium plated flat iron which allows for the shine to lock into the hair. Finishing with the best products like Deem Organic Leave-in treatment containing argan oil.

Here are the 3 Tips I was given to get that celebrity style:


 Did you know? You loose an average of 40 to 100 hairs per day. Well that solves my own personal mystery on the small pile of hair every time I brush.

Don’t cross your legs during a hair cut, it can change the entire shape of your cut. Then you won’t be happy with the results.

Get the wave or curl in your hair like Kim Kardashian by pin curling your hair after straightening.
Leave them in while you dress up and do your make up, feel free to add a setting spray, remove the pins last before you step out. You should end up with that sultry hairdo.

Needless to say, I left feeling like a million! realizing that pretty hair equals a great attitude.

Schedule your appointment in time for the holiday festivities
Salon Alvarez

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Got Texture?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Another fun & fashion forward nail trend to be tried.  Certainly a change from the usual polish, it’s an easy way to give your overall style a little edge.  So don’t hesitate to try textured nails in the winter season for a fun holiday party.  Take a closer look to see what I mean.

I chose to get the texture on my thumbnails only, but you can opt for more if you feel like living on your wilder side.


This service is not commonly offered at regular nail salons or spas.

You must contact Ilana Rosario



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Facials, a Beauty Must

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Life, stress, weather, family care, work, activities, travel are some of the many things that actually affect our skin. Yes, our facial skin is as much sensitive as it is precious. This is why taking a moment to get a professional facial can be extremely valuable to us women, especially as time passes on.

Getting the right facial for your skin needs is something to take into consideration. When I recently visited Elite Day Spa in Brandon I was given a survey to take, then the appropriate facial administered by an experienced Esthetician. Not only was I given the treatment, but I was also informed about each step of the process as well as the products being used as she cleaned and exfoliated followed by steam and extractions, finishing with moisturization.  Talk about an aaha moment!

The products endorsed by Elite Day Spa are called Sanitas which are defined by  Stimulation + Nourishment = Healthy Skin

As they say, every day is an opportunity to learn something new.  I can now appreciate a good facial from a professional yet quaint, cozy spa like Elite Day Spa.

Other services offered for pampering are: massages, body wrapping, pedicures, eyebrow threading

Schedule your appointment 813-381-3858  or walk-in

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Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2011

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageMoving up the fashionable city chart, Tampa Bay, Florida.  This year’s Fashion Week Tampa Bay proved to be in the game when holding events all throughout the week of September 20-24 such as a Red Carpet Reception, a Model Behaviour Cocktail Soiree featuring guest celebrity model Cheryl Tiegs, a Blogger Brilliance Conference, and the Designer Runway Show to top it off.  The runway show took place at the Palm Harbor Innisbrook Resort, one of the area’s top high end venues.  Needless to say, I was ready to see what our local designers will have to offer us for the Spring 2012, and they did not disappoint.  Showing resort wear as well as swimwear and lingerie, which is everything we floridians love about our style.   Feel free to take a second look at the vlog above for an insider view of the designs!

A Priceless Massage

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Looking back into my life’s events I’ve come to learn that stress is the key cause of many physical issues in a woman’s body.  From weight gain to migraines stress can do a number on us, and before we know it we’re asking ourselves,  what happened to ‘me’?   Personally I don’t let the stress get too far; that’s when I go into the LW Hair Studio & Spa for a relaxation full body massage by  it’s health & wellness expert, Fae.

Fae has been around the world from England to Asia learning the art of Holistic Massage  therapy as well as first hand Thai & Indian modalities.  So you see how I could completely feel confident that this massage was going to help me relieve, even rid the tiredness, tension, and worries I came in with.  Sure enough, I felt like I had been transported to a place where nothing could interrupt the hour of ‘me’ time.  When that time was over I walked out with a whole new outlook on the days ahead as I was feeling light, soothed, re-freshed and ready to hit the pavement again.  At Brandon’s best LW Hair Studio & Spa getting a treatment worth more than the set price is what I call, priceless. 



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Nails & Toes

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

On Pretty City’s National Day of Pampering I decided to schedule my own little R&R time for a mani-pedi which was also in preparation for a special event I was going to cover for the Fashion Industry Association.  After a pretty busy day of running around doing my fashion thing, it was just the perfect time in the afternoon to unwind.  So I chose my color, Brownie Points by Essie while Stephanie tells me her story of how she became an aesthetician for one of the best spots in Brandon to get your beauty on.  LW Hair Studio & Spa, who was so kind to invite me in and let me take a break.  No phone calls, no scheduling when its ‘Me’ time.   The service by Stephanie was exceptional, warm and friendly.  Readers! do request her for your mani-pedi or facial at that.  Just to show you how pleased I was,  here is pic.

To schedule your appointment see LW Hair Studio & Spa

Summer Hair Trend by LW Hair Studio & Spa

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

I love to try the latest hair styling trends as much as the next long-haired girl. But, sometimes I just can’t do it on my own. A french braid that wraps around the entire crown of your head was one of those I couldn’t master without assistance, so I turned to a local salon and expressed my dire need to have the braid in combination with a dress I was going to wear out to a fashion show that evening.  We all know, a fashionista such as myself always has to look the part especially when asked to MC the show.

Arriving at the LW Hair Studio & Spa, I immediately felt at ease with my hair in the hands of owner Laurie Weber. After describing the braided hairstyle I saw on Glamour magazine, there was no doubt she could make it happen.

For 2 1/2 years Laurie has built her salon into one of the most saught after in Brandon when she took the challenge of creating her own business in the midst of a recession, and a major setback in her own personal life. Despite it all, Laurie continues to push forward, living the dream to be self-employed. If that’s not all, she has also partnered with the Woman’s Resource Center of Tampa Bay to contribute to the Dress For Success program.

The LW Hair Studio & Spa carries the Scruples hair products with the #1 rated hair coloring system in the country. Note, the Scruples line is salon exclusive and will not be seen in any regular store shelf. In addition, LW keeps up with the trends yet setting their own by adding Bling Strands which has been a hit for girls of all ages who have come in to have them placed for fun, special events, and a cool start of a new year in school.

I got lots of compliments on my braid that night plus my ensemble turned out fantastic! Thanks to Laurie!

Book your appointment at LW Hair Studio & Spa 911 Lithia Pinecrest Rd Brandon, Fl

How To Look Great In Your Swimwear

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Last Friday June 16th, 2011 I had the pleasure of showing a style/fashion segment on Good Day Tampa Bay, Fox 13. Needless to say this was a catapult for my styling career. I got the call 9 days prior when the producer asked me if I can plan a segment to show how moms can look great in their swimwear when going to the beach. So I immediately began calling on models who were more than just models, but also moms. Landing 3 out of 4 was not so bad, considering we only had 6 minutes in this segment to show the entire city that mothers don’t have to look drab at the beach or the pool, with kids in tow for that matter.

How hard could it be to find swimwear in Florida? a place where going to the beach is just part of our lifestyle? Not too hard, when the store Everything But Water in Tampa’s International Plaza graciously allowed me to pull their best swimwear. If that wasn’t enough The Pink Palm was also kind enough to let me use their Lilly Pulitzer and LaCoste pieces for the show.

Finally, here is the end result, which I believe turned out fabulous and I couldn’t have done it without the models, makeup artist and my assistant. Watch the segment and get on board with looking gorgeous whether you’re going on vacation, or just a day at the beach.

Bathing suit tips:

Everything But Water also provides guidance for shopping by fit/body type on their website plus “free shipping” on all orders

For beautiful summer clothing, accesories, and swimwear