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A Priceless Massage

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Looking back into my life’s events I’ve come to learn that stress is the key cause of many physical issues in a woman’s body.  From weight gain to migraines stress can do a number on us, and before we know it we’re asking ourselves,  what happened to ‘me’?   Personally I don’t let the stress get too far; that’s when I go into the LW Hair Studio & Spa for a relaxation full body massage by  it’s health & wellness expert, Fae.

Fae has been around the world from England to Asia learning the art of Holistic Massage  therapy as well as first hand Thai & Indian modalities.  So you see how I could completely feel confident that this massage was going to help me relieve, even rid the tiredness, tension, and worries I came in with.  Sure enough, I felt like I had been transported to a place where nothing could interrupt the hour of ‘me’ time.  When that time was over I walked out with a whole new outlook on the days ahead as I was feeling light, soothed, re-freshed and ready to hit the pavement again.  At Brandon’s best LW Hair Studio & Spa getting a treatment worth more than the set price is what I call, priceless. 



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