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Clue from Blue

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Got a cue from Hollywood recently that provoked a wiggling of my toes!  I realized the cool tint effortlessly transitions  from poolside,  to a night out on the town,  from the beach to work;  and as seen on Jessica Alba’s feet while taking her stride on the red carpet.  Combine the polish with black, gray, denim, white, and then some to pump up your summer garments.

In comparison to the clue

on Jessica

I got my blue from Aldo’s Nail Lacquer

Sea You in Ibiza

Now that I’ve shared the above, I thought I might add another tip of my own.  So I’ve worn this pleated skirt in 2 different ways and for this reason, separates give more versatility to my wardrobe.  Whether I want a clean polished look or put some zest in it, the answer to that equation is just 1 skirt.

basic white top + brown shoes

aqua blue top + trendier shoes