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5 Alternative Uses for Your Lip Balm

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Everybody knows that having a lip balm on hand at all times is a cold weather survival must-have item – the feeling of chapped lips is the worst! But did you know that your little lip balm is packed with uses other than just moisturizing your lips? Using Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Lip Restore (in love!) here are 5 alternative uses you can get out of your lip balm this winter!

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Lip Restore ~ $18

Dry cuticles can in your gloves, but once you remove them indoors, your cracked out cuticles will be revealed! Quick, grab the lip restore and massage into your cuticles for healthy looking nails!

Frizzy hair from static electricity driving you crazy? Rub some lip restore on your fingertips and apply to the tips for a more controlled look.

Bold brows are so in style, but rogue hairs wreak havoc on the look: dip the tip of your finger in your lip restore and stroke over your eyebrow to restore order.

Wrinkles are a common side effect of dry skin caused by harsh winter weather – fight back  by massaging a dab of lip restore over problem areas on your forehead and crows feet (Torricelumn, a super moisturizing compound, works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles).

Achoo! Cold weather=runny noses. Every time you use a tissue to blow your nose, you’re stripping your skin of its natural oils, causing irritation under your nostrils. Apply lip restore after blowing your nose to moisturize dry sensitive skin!

About Elizabeth Grant Skincare International:

Elizabeth Grant International Inc. is a Canadian skin care company focused on producing the most advanced luxury skin care products for over 50 years. Each Elizabeth Grant Skin Care product contains the company’s exclusive compound, Torricelumn™ an unmatched formula of ocean minerals, proteins, nutrients, vitamins and natural active ingredients, each extensively researched and specially selected for their individual restorative properties. Learn more about this product and the brand on!



Browscaping by Boom Boom!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

“Sooner or later, a trim is in order…for almost anything that grows, even brows. Ever see those long strands that stand out or fall…not pretty,” explains Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar. Here’s how it’s done:

Using a disposable mascara wand, brush brows upwards and trim excess hair slightly – not too short or it will make a hole (get to that in a minute). Then, brush brows down and do the same. Make sure to use scissors with a rounded edge to ensure safety, don’t want sharp objects near peepers!

Dolly - Brow "Boostier" Powder

If you get in a jam…over-tweezing and/or trimming too short can create holes, but there is a simple solution – Boom Boom Brow Boostiers brow powder to the rescue.  A brow powder is really easy to work with and great for camouflaging holes and thin spots.  It’ very natural looking when applied with an angled brush – just dab on the spot and go.   Don’t over-think it, just follow the line and fill in the hole.  It’s that simple.

Brow Boostiers brow powder is made of mineral powders that are hypoallergenic and free of all fragrance, oil, talc, dyes and fillers. They are virtually weightless and make filling in brows easy, and truly natural looking with rich color pigment. Comes in four colors (Aretha, Tina, Bette, Dolly) each with the most perfect brush EVA, designed by Boom Boom. Retail Price:  $20.00 per powder, comes with brush.

Happy Holidays from Cellure!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Younger looking, radiant skin is on everyone’s wish list this holiday season.  Cellure is giving you a chance to win a new REBUILD AM Day Cream for you and your bestie! Simply “like” Cellure Stem Cell Skincare on Facebook and get your best friend to “like” them too.  You will automatically be entered to win.  Contest ends December 31st.

REBUILD: AM Day Cream - $135.00

Defend and Repair Inside and Out with SPF 15 Natural Moisture Blend and Pro-Vitamin B5

Interrupts the short circuits of inflammation and cell degradation to counter damage at the source. Moisture and repair, all at once. This benefit-filled cream defends skin from surface damage all day. It protects from the ravages of daily UV attack, is never greasy or sticky, and acts as an ideal makeup primer, creating a perfect and lasting finish. In addition it delivers a high concentration of stem cell proteins and ingredients. A blend of vitamin-rich, plant-based oils boost resilience and youthful texture while Pro-vitamin B5 helps stimulate skin-soothing moisturization.